Obama KNEW – And LIED To You!

Posted October 24th, 2012 by Iron Mike

In the last two debates, Obama skirted, evaded, lied, then threw Hillary and the CIA under the bus – all to claim he had not misled [lied to] the American People.  Remember when he and Hillary were claiming this was all about a movie?

NOT a good idea to throw the CIA under the bus.  Seems they just blew his ‘cover’ by leaking a few emails.

Now with just 12 days before voting, Americans have PROOF [as if we need any more] – that Obama is a serial-lying scumbag.   The next question is was his cartel also running guns to certain Libyan extremist groups – as they were to Mexican drug cartels in Fast & Furious?

2 Responses to “Obama KNEW – And LIED To You!”

  1. Flick

    I’m gonna print up a t-shirt, “NO ONE DIED IN WATERGATE”.

  2. Tom

    This was a political decision and the lives of four Americans were sacrificed to protect a false narratve (a video no one saw). With Watergate, a President lied, no one died and he resigned, but the media was all over it (Woodward and Bernstein), at Benghazi, a President lied, four Americans died, the administration contiued to lie, the media covers for the President. This is gross dereliction of duty by the President and the press.