Obama – Just Going Thru The Motions

Posted June 24th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Ft Drum - 23 June 11

 Medal of Honor Screwup

Once again our shameless pResident is using troops as political props.

BUT,  speaking without teleprompters, – he cannot remember the live MoH Recipient from the DEAD one.
   SFC Jared C. Monti, MoH, Killed June 2006
   SSG Sal Giunta, MoH, still with us.

There are just so many ways to write this:

Folks, I cannot begin to tell you how nauseating I find it every time this pretender uses our troops as political backdrops for his world socialist lectures.

Yesterday was the clearest example of the worst of Obama.

He’d flown to Fort Drum, – home of the 10th Mountain Division – to give a stump speech about his planned Afghanistan drawdown [surrender]. He tried to act as if he was ‘one with the troops’. He BLEW IT. Note the faces of the troops.

He confused two Medal of Honor Recipients a live one and a dead one. It can’t get much grosser than this.

SFC Jared Monti's parents -|- SSG Sal Giunta -|- So hard to remember?

This telling moment fully demonstrates several key points:

to Obama – all our troops look the same.

he really DOESN’T CARE about them, they’re just political tools and backdrops for his photo-ops.

the drawdown in Afghanistan has nothing to do with ‘successes on the battlefield‘ – it has everything to do with appealing to his hard left-wing base.

on the two occasions when Obama awarded the MoH – he was JUST going through the motions – it was all just show business.

he can salute caskets – he can visit Walter Reed and Bethesda – it is ALL just for show – the man just DOES NOT CARE.

AFTER TODAY – any ANY military person, ANY military family, or ANY veteran who even thinks about voting for this anti-American socialist pretender is either too steeped in racism or too steeped in socialism to be called a patriot. Obama has just proven himself to be a stealth domestic enemy.

Sergeant Monti, thank you Brother – you have managed to soldier yet again in the service of our country – this time by showing us the hollow core of our pretender-in-chief. 

May God save our Young Republic from this traitor!

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

2 Responses to “Obama – Just Going Thru The Motions”

  1. Jim Buba

    Well, he has not changed. Ever since he won admission to US colleges as a ‘foreign exchange student from Indonesia’, Barry has done nothing everywhere he has gone.

    He did appear to be doing something, but nobody knows what that could have been.

    So welcome to my world. Same story, four years later. Every stop is a campaign trip. Every speech concocted for the day.

    Every day he is in DC, he signs some stupid Executive Order trying to tie the hands of Americans to a policy that won’t pass the Legislature.

    Nothing but bad news and trouble.

  2. Neil

    Very typical of the community organizer in chief, unfortunately some of our service members did vote for this piece of *&^& who only cares for himself. I hope everyone wakes up before the next election.