Obama Judge Defends Election Crook

Posted January 10th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Ongoing proof that Democrats don’t give a damn about HOW they WIN,  – they just want the POWER!

What Democrats can’t steal at the ballot counting,  – they’ll try stealing using their robed accomplices…  Judge Walker has become the Democrat’s go-to fence for stolen ballots….

4 Responses to “Obama Judge Defends Election Crook”

  1. Jim Ettwein

    This just demonstrates how important judicial appointments are; and why we need to push to get as many in during the Trump administration as we can. This judge is obviously a hack. In my time in FL I haven’t met anyone who has any respect for Snipes. Or the idiot in charge in Palm Beach County, where we live. Bucher is also a hack and does all she can to swing things the Dem way.
    I know this first-hand because I was a poll observer for the multiple recounts here. The tricks she used to make things go her way were ludicrous. Snipes is worse. She hid ballots from the count that were never found. Her famous quote was, “I know they’re in this building somewhere, we just can’t find them.” Is this someone who can be trusted to guard the integrity of ballots after they were cast? Hardly.
    Our new governor will follow in Scott’s footsteps and make sure that she stays suspended. It’s a lot different here, than MA. Thanks God.

  2. Panther 6

    As a thirty five year resident of FL I have watched the criminal efforts associated with throwing our elections to the demorat candidate grow more egregious each election. When this latest fiasco started last November I spoke to a gent I know, a staunch demorat by the way, and told him this was criminal – his response was, “No I used to live down there, it is just sheer, total, incompetence on the part of the gal. She should not be the Supervisor of Elections for the county.” That sort of seals it in my mind. The lady is far beyond her capacity to perform and should be removed period!

  3. Vic

    firing squads for the lot of them.

  4. Mt Woman

    Sins of omission or sins of commission, there is certainly evidence that she is guilty of one–if not both. One is without question a firing offense, the other–jailable! She is fortunate to have been fired. One might say she got off easily.