Obama Is Arming These Monsters?

Posted June 30th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Beheading Father MuradSyrian ‘rebels’ – i.e. Islamic terrorists – are videotaped beheading three men – including Catholic priest François Murad last Sunday June 23rd, – in the northern Syrian village of Gassanieh.

CAUTION: This video is as brutal and graphic as it gets. It shows the end Muslims plan for all Christians and Jews across the Middle East and Europe as the barbarians of Islam breed and march on.


And remember, Obama is using YOUR TAX DOLLARS – to ARM THEM, and our CIA to TRAIN THEM!

Local sources report that the radical Al-Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra, or Al-Nusra Front, was behind this day’s killing.

coexist bumper sticker Does this bumper sticker suddenly seem a little naïve?


6 Responses to “Obama Is Arming These Monsters?”

  1. Tom

    Anyone who sports this sticker on their Prius, Suburu or some other vehicle just doesn’t get it. God helps those who help themselves.

  2. Kojack

    What’s the problem?!?!? They’re just practicing their “religion”. Just as the Tsarnaevs were when they bombed the Boston Marathon where most of the victims of voted for the Muslim in the White House and why I will not contribute to BOSTON ONE for BOSTON STUPID!!!

  3. Jay Dwyer

    The Syrian Rebels are all self employed, deeply religious, home schoolers and believe that every home should have fully automatic weapons.

    Hmmmmm. They sound like Tea Partiers……pass this on to Obama.

    No Guns For You !

  4. Casey Chapman

    These guys are Obama’s buddies! Of course he would help them out! I don’t contribute to Boston Strong, either. No way would I support such a corrupt organization.

  5. Walter Knight


    There are many factions in fighting to free Syria, just like there were in Afghanistan when the Soviets invaded that country. If The United States had continued our support for the Northern Alliance when the Soviets left, there would not have been a Taliban to fight later.

    We need to support the Free Syrian Army so Taliban-like radicals don’t win. It’s better to defeat them in their infancy, rather than wait for them to completely take over a country.

    Don’t be so foolish as to smear all the Syrian freedom fighters with the same brush. Like Libya and Iraq, a responsible government can emerge, rather than just a collection of militias.

  6. Varvara

    Yes, they behead priests and torture children. They have not journeyed into this century yet.