Obama Is After Your Kids

Posted September 4th, 2009 by Iron Mike

The thing about narcissism is that you can’t take a pill for it,  or inhale a puff from your rescue inhaler.  Narcissism doesn’t come in bouts – say like gout in old people’s feet or like itchy eyes when the ragweed blooms.  Narcissism is worse than heroin addiction,  it eats at the souls and brains and egos of its victims every waking hour of every day, demanding to be fed.

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. is a narcissist.  His need for attention,  his need to be the center of events and to see himself on camera every day is now well documented.  Too well documented!  Combined with his ruthless drive toward a socialist agenda for America and then for the world, – he is in a frenzy of activity as he pursues his life’s ambition – to become the ruler of a single-state socialist world.

His next big step comes Tuesday, September 8th, – when he will be the first president to attempt to talk to all American school kids on a single day by TV. The over-reaching arrogance is both mind-boggling, and yet totally plausible given his personality and his agenda.  Benign on it’s surface “ . . to encourage students to strive for excellence and to serve their fellow humans” – this is a total Big Brother play.  While we don’t yet have his script, – he has provided “teaching aids” to the teachers for use before, during, and after the talk.

So let’s call this ploy what it really is.  This is the next step in creating the cult of personality that has surrounded every socialist and communist dictator for 100 years.  Think back to Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini, Hitler, Kim-Il Sung, Kim Jung Il, Castro, Chavez, Idi Amin Dada, Saddam Hussein, Yasser Arafat, and even France’s Charles De Gaulle.  Each of these “champions of the working people / downtrodden / peasants” turned communism or socialism into a governing cult build on and centered around themselves.  The narcissist needs attention, then power, then total power. It cannot be satisfied.  Rules, laws, treaties, and borders become meaningless, – as does the suffering of the very people who lifted them into power.

On Tuesday Obama will throw a bone to the salivating union teachers – many openly socialist, others just “progressive” –  who worked so hard to enthrone him.  For a few minutes he’ll make them feel like mini-gods,  and for those minutes he’ll successfully con them again into believing they have a personal connection with him.  But nobody can have a connection with a narcissist.  That would be a contradiction of terms.

He’ll likely talk about the importance of learning, of staying in school, and of striving to do your best. He’ll make it folksy – with tales of his own childhood – even if he again has to stretch or embellish the truth.  He’s very comfortable doing that now.  He may talk about the H1N1 Mexican Swine Flu,  and about being brave when it’s time for the shots.  Then he’ll lead into health care and ObamaCare,  and probably ask the kids to talk to their parents.  Imagine the unaware parents facing that ambush at the end of the day!  You think he’ll go as far as to ask kids to report anything “fishy” to the White House?  Maybe he’ll save that one for the 7 – 12th grade group.

I suspect he’ll try to link in his plan to turn our 9/11 Remembrance into his Socialist 9/11 “Day of Service”. This is part of his campaign to water down our American values and traditions, and replace them with socialist precepts.  A year from now it will have morphed into a call to service in the “Obama Youth”,  probably a division of ACORN.  The real issue here is to create a social and generational divide between kids and their parents – where the kids feel a connection and loyalty to Obama [cult of personality] greater than to their own parents or even their god. If it works,  guess whose values and ideals the kids will adopt!

young-obama-smokingObama has already been pretty blatant about exploiting class and race warfare to get elected, and to push his agenda. Now he is going for generational warfare, – both in his ObamaCare plan and in this attempt to co-opt your kids.  Imagine the arrogance and deceit of this man – who killed off the DC charter schools – talking to your kids about the importance of a good education, – this man who hides his own grades and papers!  It is beyond ludicrous, – it’s revolting.

This is brilliant Obama strategy.  Most American – particularly those working their asses off to make a living – don’t have the time or attention span to stay glued to the news.  Many are still driving home while the evening news is on TV.  Thus most are unaware of this pending event.  If they react at all, – it will be AFTER the fact,  when the damage has already been done.  By next year, the school systems will be very comfortable saying “ . . . it’s an established annual event – to have the President address the kids!”  Obama wins, – you and your kids lose.  America loses

Green economy?   How many trees will die to become the flood of Thank You letters the kids will be forced to write? Is this the “Change” you and your neighbors voted for?

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!


6 Responses to “Obama Is After Your Kids”

  1. MemyselfandI

    Excellent, Iron Mike!! You hit the nail on the head. What people need to do is to call their local district and call their principals and tell them your child will NOT be attending school on that day. For those of us on the west coast, it will supposedly air at 9pm — keep your kids home from the time school starts — the school only gets paid for attendance taken in the first hour or so. Money talks — so if they don’t care about ramming this down our throats, they MAY care about losing dollars during OBAMANATION day.

  2. B Howell

    Has everyone noticed in third world countries there seems to be a portrait of the Dear Leader, King, Big Brother on every corner and every building, square, park, etc. Does almost nightly television appearances count as living portraits? Is this narcissism or am I wrong? Charles Krauthammer has called BHO a narcissist and now Iron Mike says the same. What do these men know that a majority of America does not?

  3. KC

    Great Mike; I wonder if ACORN will be out arresting kids for playing hooky when they don’t go to school. Anyway; Obama is moving toward communism on two fronts, the one you talk about and the other with taxes and his spending. Every time the government takes another percentage of our pay more than the percentages of increase we get in pay, they are taking away the decision we would make on how we spend that money and giving it to the government. If you follow that; at some point weather it’s on purpose or not, government making all the decisions on how we spend our money is inevitable. We end up with communism by default. We all must fight hard against any tax increase, local, state and federal; and we must not let socialized health care become reality in America or the American experiment will be nothing more than something our children read about in history books, if they are allowed to.

  4. KC

    To B Howell’s point, BHO is working on that using the arts community that is funded with our tax dollars, stay tuned and watch, you will see his mug everywhere you go with his most recent message to us pesants.

  5. Reaganite Republican

    Right On Mike, outstanding post. But the Dear Leader better hurry up… he’s already losing the 20-somethings that put him in office.

    What kind of monster mocks the disabled? I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised… no different than his classless cheap-shot on 90-yr-old Nancy Reagan in his first presser. Trouble is that the REAL Barack tends to leak-out when he’s not hard-wired to a TelePrompTer-

    Narcissists are often callous- and even ruthless. They tend to lack empathy and/or a conscience. This is evident in Obama’s lack of interest in his own half-brother who lives in poverty in Kenya, or his aunt found living in public housing in Boston.

    Obama’s almost certainly a pathological narcissist… the most dangerous charismatic leaders are, comes from an insecure childhood (like Barack’s). Like Hitler, Obama penned (or Ayers did) an autobiography when he was still a nobody… so did Stalin.

    Indicators include control freakery, grandiose self-importance, feeling “above the law”, interpersonally exploitive, inability to handle criticism, lack of empathy, arrogant behavior, surrounds himself with sycophants… sound familiar?

    Obama is a mess- and his insecurities, bad childhood, and irresponsible, far-left-wierdo mother are now all OUR problem, too-

  6. Reaganite Republican

    PS- I am adding you to my blogroll… you’re doing a great job.

    Keep up the Good Fight!

    Your Ally,