Obama Ignores The War In Missouri

Posted August 13th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Looting and a drive-by shooting – and Obama interrupts his golf game long enough to issue a ‘profound presidential statement‘: “We should comfort each other and talk with one another in a way that heals, not in a way that wounds…”.Ferguson MO  Obama plays through
That should stop the looting Barack! 

Aren't we past tear gas

Forgive my sarcasm,  but does it seem odd that America’s “FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT” – can barely be bothered when a town erupts in racial violence?

1963 Birmingham Alabama

After 5? years of his enlightened post-racial leadership, – aren’t we as a nation supposed to have moved past race riots?

2014 Ferguson MO

Or have Ben Jealous, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Charlie Rangel, Alcee Hastings, Frederica Wilson, Elijah Cummings, James Clyburn, John Conyers, Keith Ellison, and Eleanor Holmes Norton been successful in keeping the embers of racial jealousy smoldering?

I have a dream

The shooting of young Black men – by a neighborhood watchman in Florida or by police officers in Ferguson – should be a cause for a careful and unemotional investigation.

But it seems some folks have their riot mentality on a hair trigger….ready to erupt before provable facts are known.

Ferguson MO  raised hands

Maybe, – if you’re poorly educated, – with no job prospects, – and no future but street crime and drugs [leading inevitably to prison or death],…maybe the opportunity to riot and loot is considered ‘good summer fun’?  

Ever thought that 60+ years of electing Democrats – who promise everything and deliver only welfare and union-run schools, ~ might ~ be to blame?

Obama golfingWill Black Leaders in Ferguson, – in Saint Louis, and across America be asking “Where is Mister Obama?”   Or will they cover for him?

Will they begin to ask about the economic state of their Black communities in the 6th year of the Obama pResidency?

So how come on night three of Ferguson’s troubles were four black men observed on the quiet middle-class street of Highmont Drive – conducting a drive-by shooting? Were they vigilantes – just looking for a random victim? Were they taking advantage of the problems downtown – knowing the police were busy?

NO president at all

You get one (1) chance to make a first impression…

add 11 million mexicans

RRB is in awe of Getty photog Scott Olson – who took most of these photos [except the one from 1963].

UPDATE: 13 August 2014 Police shot a 2nd person last night – this one pointed a gun at the cop – who was faster. Perp taken to hospital – his gun recovered.

Al sharpton  vulture  Ferguson

3 Responses to “Obama Ignores The War In Missouri”

  1. Hawk1776

    I don’t begrudge the president a vacation, but I do think he’s taken his golf time to extremes. I wonder how his family feels when the first thing he does on a “family” vacation is to leave the family behind to play golf.

    I’m bothered greatly that he said more about the death of Robin Williams than he said about the death of General Greene. He has ignored the rioting in Missouri, but if would comment he’d probably said that Michael Brown was like the son he never had. He still appears disengaged, but maybe the more disengaged he is the better off we will be.

  2. Walter Knight

    People drove to Ferguson to riot, camera-phone in hand. It was time for great fun, and free stuff. The hatred is just under the surface, no matter what happened in Ferguson.

    I agree, “Pull up your damn pants.”