Obama: “I Struggle With Math…

Posted October 26th, 2012 by Iron Mike

…above the 7th Grade.”  “I’m pretty lost…!”

This is so lame on so many levels.  Does he consider this mindless banter serious campaigning?  Does he disrespect us this much?  And all of this with fresh revelations about his inept handling and cover-up of the Benghazi Massacre?
Are you entertained, – or offended?

6 Responses to “Obama: “I Struggle With Math…”

  1. Tom

    This is why the self proclaimed “smartest guy in the room” has no concept of the $16 trillion debt. Just exactly how many zeros are there in 16 trillion?

  2. Prim

    Deeply offended! On more levels than I care to express. Pray he is defeated.

  3. Karen G

    I think it’s obvious who the real BS’er is in the race…

  4. TeaTime

    As I watch this – I think I’m watching some Seinfeld-type sitcom. He is an embarrasment to this country.

  5. Jim

    I’m more offended by my fellow citizens who support him. On the plus side though I am seeing a lot of Romney/Ryan signs here in Blue Montgomery County, PA.

  6. Flick

    At least he’ll have standup as a 2nd career to fall back on. What is Leno really thinking? He HAS to be embarrassed cajoling this smirking impostor who represents America.