Obama Hurts Blacks The Most

Posted July 29th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Black unemployment in double digits!

Are America’s Black voters waking up
   – or do they need another 4 years of this?

We know many of them thought they were voting for salvation and reparations. Many thought the MEssiah was the second coming. They saw his skin color and big city cool.  They looked no further.

But Obama has steadily scared jobs off shore, and turned venture capital dollars into hoards of gold and silver. It was predictable that Blacks would suffer quickest – and the most. Today official Black Unemployment is running at 16.1%, but actual Black Unemployment is 23%!

This summer as a heat wave covered most of the heartland, and Congress arm-wrestled with Obama over the budget, the deficit, and the debt ceiling, – Obama remained fixated on taxing millionaires and jet plane owners.

You’d think a reasonable man would have figured out those jet plane owners are the only people who can create jobs.

Unemployment Rate: White, Black, Hispanic/Latino, Asian

By now you have to begin to accept the truth: Obama has ZERO interest in creating jobs.  He doesn’t want things ‘to get better‘. In the bowels of his Marxist mind he needs to finish setting the conditions for ‘The Revolution’.  He needs to create widespread misery, chaos, crisis, and desperation.

Then he can proclaim the Constitution invalid, and begin to rule by decree.

Does anybody in the Black Community think their lives will be better on that day?

Some historical hints:

Stalin wasn’t a Russian, – he was Georgian. Guess how he treated the Georgians?

Hitler wasn’t a German, – he was Austrian. How did he treat the Austrians? He was also part Jewish, – and you know how that worked out.

So 2½ years into the Obama Era, – have Blacks begun to see the light? Are they able to see past skin color yet and judge the man by the ‘content of his character‘?

This morning’s announcement that 2nd Quarter GDP rose a pathetic 1.3% means that Black Unemployment will continue in double digits through the foreseeable future.

Which Blacks have been hurt the worst?  Men more than women, teenagers, those trying to move beyond criminal records, and older Blacks. The least educated are the hardest hit,  because manual labor jobs are often the first to go – or be outsourced to illegal Mexicans.

There are plenty of rising Black voices who aren’t preaching racial division and class warfare.  Will America’s Black voters even listen to David Webb, Herman Cain, Allen West, and Tim Scott? Or will they call them Oreos, and stay loyal to their proven poverty pimps?

In 2008 Obama got exactly what he wanted from America’s Blacks.  He got a massive outpouring of blind faith, misplaced love, money, and votes.  What do you think he wants from them come 2012?

In 2012, the hardest thing many Black Americans will do – in their entire lives – is to ruefully admit they were snookered by ‘America’s First Black pResident’.  But the same will be true for tens of millions of white voters.  Getting snookered knows no racial barriers.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

3 Responses to “Obama Hurts Blacks The Most”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Mike, we both know that it does not matter. When you have been part of the “entitlement” Great Society for over 4 decades you will vote for the party that you have been told, by your enablers, will keep the entitlements coming. This is no more than “social justice” slavery, but like the battered wife they just keep coming back for more, much like the Stockholm syndrome.

  2. Rabid Republican

    Good job, Mike. This is a process that has been going on for a long, long time. yet no one mentions it.

  3. B Howell

    I wonder how many of those jet plane owners are going to his birthday party next week….

    Certainly, this time, the black voters can not afford to contribute to his campaign fund. He is losing the white, middle class, independent voters who put him in the White House.

    Unfortunately, as you say, the poorer and sick black older people will suffer the most. The kids almost have no chance; lousy schools, bad teachers, one parent families.

    Lord help us all.