Obama Hijacks High Tech Meeting

Posted December 18th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Obama's High Tech MeetingAfter Tuesday’s White House / High Tech meeting, anybody working in high tech who still supports or still admires Obama is either a racist black or a communist – or both.

Transparency? Obama couldn’t have made his agenda any clearer; – he doesn’t give a shit about our Constitution – or your health care!  Or you either!  Let me explain!


ONE:   We have a new law [called ObamaCare] which mandates you be covered by a Cadillac health care policy – or pay a big fine – to be collected by the IRS

It’s been on the books for 3 years, and ~ supposedly ~ The Secretary of Health and Human Services [abortion queen] Kathleen Sebelius has been building a giant web site to get people enrolled – by December 1st.System Down  

It’s the most humiliating disaster of the Obama administration – it crashes daily – and it doesn’t work – after three (3) full years. 

And your personal information is readily available to criminal hackers….


TWO:   We have a government electronic spy agency – the NSA – that in recent years [under Obama ~ maybe some under Bush] has seemingly gone overboard in collecting every phone call, every email, every text, and every web browsing session in the US – maybe the whole world.  

PLEASE NOTE that for decades the NSA did a wonderful job of keeping us safe from the Russians and the Chinese…  After 9/11,…it seems they’ve gone too far looking for terrorists, sort of like your airport screenings…Snowden

Suddenly in May 2013 a NSA contractor Edward Snowden defected first to Hong Kong, then Russia – and began leaking details of how wide and intrusive the NSA programs like PRISM are.

With national scrutiny on, and [some] in the media and business concerned – high tech companies who had been cooperating to give NAS direct real-time access began to squirm

Their cover blown, – they worry [rightly] about massive citizen class-action lawsuits.

AND, since they were all HIGH $$$$contributors to Obama in 2008 and 2012, they demanded a meeting!

Then on Monday, Federal District Judge Richard Leon ruled it had to stop.  His ruling will likely be appealed, and may not reach the Supreme Court for months, – but some change is in the works.


Yesterday, in walk 15 giants and living legends of High Tech America – people who turned computer hardware and software innovation into mega-companies, which we all use today – you included as you read this.

ALL of these folks run businesses build around massive, complex, and secure websites, – both the ones you can get on, – and their own internal company websites.  They know websites!!!
2 hour photo-op

Obama and Sebelius should have been talking to them – hiring them back in January 2010, ~ IF ~ they actually wanted a working website.  

Instead they hired a Canadian company [with ties to Michelle Obama] with a lengthy history of failure to deliver…   Makes you wonder…?


These 15 Giants [see list below] didn’t come to discuss Obama’s Website Debacle. 

They came to discuss the NSA.   They want to the Government to stop pressuring them to cooperate with wholesale indiscriminate spying on ordinary Americans.

What they got instead was yet another ObamaCare sales pitch from our Fraud-in-Chief!



ONE:  Obama isn’t worried about health care or the website.  Never was! The ObamaCare law is about enacting massive federal control over your life, your job, what you can buy, and where your money goes – i.e. HUGE TAXES to be spread from working people to non-working people.

The CLUE was always there; – the law provided for NO NEW DOCTORS, NURSES, CLINICS, or HOSPITALS.  Just new TAXES and REGULATIONS, and more IRS AGENTS to enforce them.

Basically, if you are white,  middle or upper class, self-supporting,  and non-union, – Obama considers you a class enemy.   Now, you’ll pay!  He thinks you’ve had it coming!   Academic liberals [many communists] who supported him will soon have a rude awakening,…sort of like what happened to the Bolsheviks.

TWO:  Obama could give a shit less about our Constitution, – PERIOD!   He frankly doesn’t believe in it, – sees it as an anachronism – something to be worked around or ignored.  

Many socialists / communists in our Congress today agree with him,  so he’s got some protection from impeachment.

THREE:    If you work anywhere in the High Tech Industry – meaning you’re smart enough to understand complex technology;  – you’re either smart enough to finally see through Obama’s charade, – or else you are a committed communist.  Which is it?

Think about THIS Techie:  44 years ago we put men on the MOON – with less computing power than is now in you pocket!   We put rovers on MARS!   We’ve crashed an impactor into a COMET and collected dust samples.   And you still want to accept Obama’s cover story about ‘glitches’

Or can you FINALLY see through his lies to the awful truth,  – that YOU may have helped elect an enemy agent as our pResident?


Full list of attendees is below:

    • Tim Cook, CEO, Apple
    • Dick Costolo, CEO, Twitter
    • Chad Dickerson, CEO, Etsy
    • Reed Hastings, co-founder and CEO, Netflix
    • Drew Houston, founder and CEO, Dropbox
    • Marissa Mayer, president and CEO, Yahoo!
    • Burke Norton, chief legal officer, Salesforce
    • Mark Pincus, founder, chief product officer and chairman, Zynga
    • Shervin Pishevar, co-founder and co-CEO, Sherpa Global
    • Brian Roberts, chairman and CEO, Comcast
    • Erika Rottenberg, vice president, general counsel and secretary, LinkedIn
    • Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook
    • Eric Schmidt, executive chairman, Google
    • Brad Smith, executive vice president and general counsel, Microsoft
    • Randall Stephenson, chairman and CEO, AT&T

5 Responses to “Obama Hijacks High Tech Meeting”

  1. Varvara

    Good for Judge Richard Leon. He has intelligence and courage to take the correct action regarding NSA.

  2. Casey Chapman

    The Democrats were so obsessed with the idea of having the first black president be from their party, they chose to ignore the fact that he’s a communist. Now the whole country is reaping what they sowed. I was not surprised. I saw him at the 2004 national convention of the Dumbocrats, and I could tell he was being groomed for the office. Too bad they did not bother to find a candidate who actually even likes this country.

  3. MC

    At times I think I must be dreaming as I would never have thought we would ever get such a devious, disingenuous, deceitful,underhanded, contemptible, hateful and any other vile adjective you can think up..person as our Commander-and-Chief.

    Constitution Lawyer – I think he ‘Smoked’ through those classes.

  4. Walter Knight

    Obama’s every move is about redistributing the wealth. The only question is how much he can steal before leaving office.

  5. john

    Im writing this in hope that you will do something that I can not..
    I feel that Obama has given all of our national secrets away..
    1 Iran obtains our most high tech secret spy-plane
    2 China obtains all of our weaponry
    3 NSA leaks all information to our National Security

    So we have given away our stealth and drone technology spy and so on to the Iranians..Then we gave all of our weapons technology including aircraft to China….Then we gave the rest of the world our Spying secrets and technology.

    Im not sure what is left??
    we all heard Obama tell the Russian president that he would have better access to more secrets second term..

    So why isnt he being impeached…? Let me leave you with this last thought ..WHAT PRESIDENT HAS EVER LOST OUR NATIONAL SECRETS WHILE PRESIDENT????