Obama Harbors Illegals Who Kill

Posted July 7th, 2015 by Iron Mike

The Faces Of Obama’s Illegal Killers…Obama Harbors Killers
So what do you want to call it?  Lax enforcement?  Open Borders?  Amnesty?  Political correctness?  De-Whitening America?  National suicide?
Obama’s refusal to deport criminal illegals is killing Americans!

Darron Dellon Dennis Wint – probably with friends – tortured and killed a family in suburban Washington DC.

Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez shot and killed tourist Kate Steinle on a pier in San Francisco seemingly at random.

Edwin Alemany kidnapped, robbed and killed Amy Lord by slitting her throat in Boston

Nicolas Guaman killed Matt Denise in Milford, Mass. Guaman was driving drunk – dragged Denice ¼ mile under his pickup truck, – then shrugged when cops told hem he’d just killed a man.

Gustavo Tijerina and Ismael Hernandez killed Border Patrolman Javier Vega, Jr.

Gustavo Tijerina      Ismael Hernandez

The Tsarnaev Brothers blew up the 2013 Boston Marathon, killing 3 outright, maiming hundreds. Tamerlan then shot and killed an MIT cop.

Between failing to deport,  – and failing to keep our southern border sealed,  Obama’s obsession with ignoring our immigration laws is costing Americans their lives – nearly every day.

What are YOU expected to do?  Smile and keep your racist mouth shut!!

You see, our immigration laws are a personal – a family thing – to Obama.  For years his Aunty Zeituni was drawing welfare in Boston,  while his Uncle Onyango has been here for decades,  and driving drunk on a regular basis.

Obama's Relatives

They’ve been on a mission to redistribute your wealth.

MIND YOU AMERICANS:  Every illegal arrested for a crime means YOU have to pay for his lawyer, – for his time in jail, – – and in the case of our many “Sanctuary Cities”  – they get released back to do it all over again.

If they ARE deported, – like Tijerina and Hernandez, – they turn right around and re-enter at will.

Who’s going to stop them?

So while the left-wingnuts may find Donald Trump abrasive and offensive – he’s dead right on the immigration issue.  Any nation which will not secure and defend it’s borders will cease to be a nation!


UPDATE:   Tues, 7 July 2015   Today’s Mexican Killer Goon:   Prudencio Fragos-Ramirez – 25 : Double Murder!!

Prudencio Fragos-Ramirez

Now we’ll pay for his lawyer, – his interpreter, – and his lifetime care in state prison at Walla Walla.

Washington HAS the death penalty, – but oooh – he’s so young!”

Yes, we’re paying for the crime investigation, the autopsies, and likely for the burial of Maria Guadalupe Cruz-Calvillo – 18 and her son Luis Lopez-Cruz – 4.

7 Responses to “Obama Harbors Illegals Who Kill”

  1. Panther 6

    This is totally out of control. Yes BO is part of the problem but our CONGRESS must share a good deal of the blame. This problem has been around for years and Congress won’t touch it trying to court votes and ensure cheap labor. Congress MUST be held accountable for their lack of cajones and action

  2. Tom Gilroy

    Illegal immigration is the new third rail of politics. Donald Trump tells it like it is and he is attached by the media, commerce, as expected by the Democrats, the establishment Republicrats and even some on the “conservative” side. The more the criticism, the more they fear Trump and this attack is directly proportional to the veracity of his statements.

  3. Varvara

    We are not the only country that doesn’t deport murderers. Britain has many that can’t be deported because they will lose their ‘family life’. Also Britain’s MSM also does not report the crimes; remember the raped young girls.

    France has just deported 40 imans for causing trouble. Maybe we should take a page from France’s book.

    Mike, nice picture of auntie with her gold earing, pin and necklace.

  4. BigSkyCountry


  5. Walter Knight

    Washington state has the death penalty, but our liberal governor won’t allow it.

  6. Robert Cappucci

    Will Obama give the eulogy for the latest victim of murder in sanctuary city San Francisco? Yeah, I thought not. There’s no potential of gaining votes to secure the power and control necessary to fundamentally transform America.

  7. Hawk17776

    The victim was the wrong race and the circumstances don’t fit the narrative. Eventually even Democrats are going to have to admit the president is a charlatan. Hope and Change baby.