Obama Hangs The Kurds Out To Die

Posted July 2nd, 2015 by Iron Mike

He’s blocking Arab leaders from sending them arms.  He’s also left Jordan twisting in the wind….
Pussy in Chief
America has few willing allies left in the world ready to aid us in fighting evil.  So why would Obama turn a cold shoulder to two of them?   Look no further than the desk right outside the Oval Office…

Several of our Arab allies [former allies?] in the Middle East and North Africa see Daesh/ISIS as a real and present danger to their own national survival.  Several of their leaders want to act.

For over two years the Kurds – who have put aside their own internal differences in the face of this deadly ISIS scourge, – have been begging the US for heavy weapons – heavy machine guns, mortars, anti-tank missiles,…enough to defeat ISIS attacks and to launch counter-attacks.

Most recently Arab nations have stepped up, purchased the needed weapons, and were poised to fly them into northern Iraq and Syria….

…but Obama stopped them. WHY?

VALERIE JARRETT!  Iran’s agent in the Obama White House.

Jarrett  Iranian

In the long term Iran doesn’t want problems with an upstart Kurdish Nation in their northern region. Kurds living in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran have long dreamed of forming their own nation. It’s one reason why Saddam waged such ruthless campaigns against them, – often resorting to poison gas.

The Kurds know they face certain extinction should ISIS prevail in the region.  This is absolutely a fight to the death.  And Obama won’t help them…?

King AbdullahSame reason he won’t give Jordan’s King Abdullah enough bombs to crush ISIS…because Jordan is next on Obama’s hit list!

So ask yourself….when was the last time a Kurd beheaded an American?

When was the last time you heard a Kurd screaming “Death to America!”?

So, who is running our country; – our elected pResident, – or the Iranian agent – who wants Iran to have nuclear weapons?

5 Responses to “Obama Hangs The Kurds Out To Die”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    I have always said that Valerie Jarrett is the most dangerous woman in the United States and probably the world. She has been the puppet mistress and Obama has the utmost confidence in this traitorous bitch. She always stays beneath the radar, but every domestic and foreign policy issue has her handprint and imprimatur. Just look at that mug, how could anyone trust that?

  2. panther6

    I have long held Valerie Jarrett in the highest of disdain fear. She may well be the most dangerous woman in the world, even more than Hillary. BUT I have tried to confirm that statement attributed to her from he days at Stanford but cannot. For someone so smart it appears to be a dumb thing to say. Yes she was at Stanford and graduated a year after the statement is attributed to her but darned if I can confirm that she said it. IF she did Congress should be starting impeachment against BO for putting he in a position of such power. She sure has influence over him.

  3. William Clark

    History Quiz time……..

    What two Presidents were essentially responsible for the worst attacks against the Kurdish people?

    Bonus Question: Who gave the Iraqi those chemical weapons in an attempt to prevent an attack from Iran to disrupt oil to the US?

    Fact: 1987-1988: Iraqi regime used chemical agents in attacks against at least 40 Kurdish villages (hundreds of thousands of men, women and children).

    Ding…Ding…Ding we have a winner, Regan / Bush and Bonus Donald Rumsfeld


    More SELECTIVE HISTORY LESSONS from Clark the lifetime Bush hater?

    EVEN IF you were correct,…Willie,…that has NOTHING to do with Obama’s support of the Iranian Twelvers,…and his abandoning a whole series of US Friends!


    We could use your warped logic to blame FDR for the rise of Adolph Hitler, – couldn’t we? And while we’re at it, – we could use your logic to blame the start of WWI on Woodrow Wilson….

  4. Victor

    There is undeniable evidence that Turkey is helping kill Kurds and supporting ISIS, but they are our “ally” because they are a NATO member state, so we can’t tell them to do anything. Turkey is no friend to the USA. George Washington warned us about foreign entanglements and alliances… Peshmerga are heroes and have constantly been denied their deserved statehood by both Saddam Hussein and the US military in Iraq under Bush.

    If ISIS is so “un-Islamic” that the Muslims always claim, why aren’t Sunni countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Yemen leading the fight to destroy them? Saudi Arabia is using its military to annihilate the Houthi rebels (Shi’a) in Yemen, but for some reason they won’t use it against their Sunni comrades.

    I’ll tell you why. Saudi Arabia is led by a caravan of fundamentalist Wahhabi Muslims. They have beheadings in the street every day for non-crimes like apostasy and adultery. They lash Internet bloggers and force women to wear the sacred headbag. They persecute gays and religious minorities. ISIS does exactly the same things as Saudi Arabia.

    Mecca is the holiest city in Islam, and they have public beheadings there all the time. If the Vatican (Catholic capital)– or Salt Lake City, Utah (Mormon capital)– had public beheadings every day, wouldn’t it be outrageous? I’ve had enough of “liberals” telling me to be “tolerant” of a “different culture.” Western civilization is letting these morons in and letting them take us down without a fight.