Obama Got His 3 AM Phone Call

Posted March 12th, 2012 by Iron Mike

And it was a
very VERY bad one!

We still don’t know the name or face of the Army Staff Sergeant from Fort Lewis – a 3-tour Iraq veteran with 3 children of his own, – but what he did at 3 AM Sunday in Afghanistan will change history.

He left his base and murdered 16 Afghans in their beds. It is Capitol Murder x 16; a sure-fire death-penalty case. Even squishy anti-death penalty wimps will be unable to defend or justify this act.

They’ll cling to the INSANITY defense – or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It won’t fly with the Afghans – who live with perpetual PTSD – or the Taliban who needed just such an incident to turn the tide of public opinion.

This is My Lai – all over again.

Eerily it happens almost exactly 44 years after the Vietnam massacre. The ONLY saving grace is this appears to be the act of a single soldier, – not a unit run amok. And the Army is not covering this one up!

The FALLOUT will be widespread.

Already Obama looks callous for making the call in casual attire. Even if he was caught off guard – the picture makes him look like he’s dealing with a perceived trifle.

There will be legitimate calls to conduct the court-martial in Afghanistan, – while others will want the SSG turned over to the Hague.  Afghans will want SWIFT JUSTICE!  They’ll want to watch him hung or shot.  Can you blame them?

Obama will be [SHOULD be] unable to say too much, since under the UCMJ he is the final appellate authority for death penalty cases. If he says too much his words can be used by the defense as having prejudiced the evidence and the court members.

The always-ready anti-war / occupy crowd will quickly seize on this to paint all our troops as unhinged and volatile potential murders. They’re just waiting on a name and a poster face.

Because of the series of murders – both in Afghanistan and in the US – by Fort Lewis soldiers – Generals and Colonels will likely see their careers cut short.

If this Staff Sergeant turns out to have had a troubled past – as did Lt. Calley and WikiLeaker Sp4 Bradley Manning – there will be calls to radically change how soldiers and leaders are selected, trained, and evaluated after combat tours. Military psychiatry will suddenly seem as important as infantry.

It will take a minor miracle of restraint to prevent a region-wide wave of revenge attacks by the Taliban – and by random Afghans – against all foreign troops – US, Brits, and anybody they can find with their guard down. We should brace for a bloodbath.

This incident moves US military action in Syria or Iran further off the table. Israel is now much more alone.

The ‘Press’ will roll itself in this gore for weeks. After all ‘it bleeds – therefore it leads’.  AND, it serves the MSM, because they can take the focus OFF ObamaCare, the unemployment numbers, and the price of gasoline.

As the 2012 election cycle moves forward, there will be little stomach from any of the parties to continue the Afghan mission. Ron Paul will suddenly look like a military genius, and Obama may be obliged to order a full and hasty retreat.

As the Communists used My Lai to win in Vietnam, – the Taliban and al Qaeda will use this murder to win across the Middle East and South Asia.

Since taking office, Obama has used our troops as backdrops for his many photo-ops and speeches, and considered the wars they were fighting as political annoyances.

Suddenly he has an atrocity which has taken place on HIS WATCH, and he has no clue why it happened or how to handle it.

Hillary’s mocking taunt from the 2008 campaign about the ‘3 AM Phone Call’ has come home to roost.

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

9 Responses to “Obama Got His 3 AM Phone Call”

  1. Walter Knight

    Obama will shower millions of dollars on the families of those killed, but it won’t matter. The enemy does not need an excuse to kill American soldiers. The enemy, and their families, need to fear us.

  2. Neil

    Very well stated Mike. The chicken in chief hasn’t got a clue and never did.

  3. Larry Redmond

    Unfortunately your analysis is right on target. Not sure we can fully understand what is possibly about to happen but it won’t be pretty. This lad has very likely changed the course of history. What a travesty for all who have served and sacrificed over the last 10 years. Not good for our country or our military. In the long run, because of the extent of radical islam (yes, I know, lower case) this could be much wider spread than My Lai in the fall out from it. Lastly, YES it was murder.

  4. Rational Nation USA

    A) Yes, this was murder
    B) When tried, and if convicted he should face the death penalty
    C) We should have gotten the hell out of Afghanistan and left them to their own designs
    D) Actually I perceive Obama a bit different here. He appears concerned and measured, and actually I couldn’t care less how he was dressed.

  5. Karen G

    I have a few comments…I think the perpetrator of these murders should be portrayed for what he is, a rogue, perhaps legally insane, individual who acted alone. He does not represent our military, or our country. Ironically, if the situation were reversed, and an Afghani soldier killed Americans, he would most likely be a hero in his country.

    This should really be a conversation about post traumatic stress disorder. To allow the evil acts of a single person to “alter the course of history” is a big mistake. Our president, and the press, are making an unnecessary and irresponsible move to own this man’s actions…for their own evil ends.


    Who allows these men, with brain injuries or troubled pasts to be in the service?

    Also, are the men who kill American soldiers, while playing a game, ever brought to trial? Did a trusted Afghanistan soldier who killed a Major and Colonel in a secure compound ever come to trial? Or, were they feted and hailed as heroes?

  7. DannaP

    Excellent point, Varvara.

  8. Jim Buba

    I must disagree with the treatment of SSgt Bales and the case surrounding his incarceration. Certainly he deserves the Courts Martial trial and punishment.

    However, before we salt away this ‘slam dunk’ Capital Murder case, we should appeal to the Left for SSgt Bales is clearly the victim here and that should mitigate both the trial and the sentence, which I believe should be time served plus treatment in an appropraitely under-staffed VA hospital.

    SSgt Bales should be a patriot, for having single-handedly stopped the senseless killing of U.S. and NATO soldiers in Afghanistan. You see, the point of a gun is understood very well by the Taliban, who are truly only remembered for having killed infidels as cowards; from afar. SSgt Bales’ murderous action against Afghan civilians effectively stopped attacks against the troops. Certainly some of the withdrawal has something to do with it, but I think they are more concerned about setting off another lunatic Western Satan.

    Bales is clearly the victim. Assigned in the field, doing his job, he witnessed the senseless retribution upon NATO soldiers by Taliban for the burning of defaced koran. Some things just don’t make sense, and when somebody snaps over the injustice, he deserves better treatment just like a woman scorned or a bullying victim to use the sense of the Left.

    To some, Bales is a hero. I’ll wait for the trial to decide upon the merits of the case. It is clear that military justice holds to a different standard, but the basic tenet is still the same; ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ and that includes being insane in the commission of any crime.

    He needs help and in case you missed it above, being treated in any U.S. military prison administered by the VA, that is punishment enough.


  9. Karen G

    It looks like SSgt Bales decided to take out 16 innocents before ending up in the slammer for fraud. Was he using his enlistment as a way to hide from his past, and the huge monetary judgment against him? This may explain his willingness to serve multiple tours, far far away…Seeming alot less misunderstood and emotionally damaged, and more like a murdering scumbag IMHO.