Obama Getting “Profiles In Treason” Award

Posted April 22nd, 2017 by Iron Mike

Yet another puke-worthy event looms in Boston’s future, as ‘The Anointed One’ comes to the JFK Library on May 7th to receive yet another unearned award.

The media will fawn all over it, – missing the real story. One crime syndicate is returning a favor to another crime syndicate.  Lurch is probably wondering when will he get his…

My-oh-my how time flies!  Back in 2008 Ms. Caroline followed Uncle Teddy’s lead and jumped on the Obama Bandwagon,  – spurning ‘local gal’ Senator Hillary Clinton.

In early 2009 she tried to be appointed to fill Hillary’s US Senate seat,  – after Obama appointed his chief political arch-rival Hillary as SecState.

But her lack of voting and her vague political positions became a huge embarrassment, as did a sloppy performance on a TV interview.  She withdrew and Kristen Gillibrand was appointed….

But by 2012 Caroline had totally changed her tune about Obama, – calling him “…a liar – and worse!”

So to shut her mouth,  Obama named her Ambassador to Japan.  It was very much like putting her in a padded room,…and she got a respectable title in exchange.

Remember Caroline wanted a title (other than sole surviving offspring) – so Obama made her Ambassador to Japan – where she was so well managed she could do no harm.

Now the remaining (surviving) members of the Kennedy Crime Cartel will hold a Kabuki Theater Event at the JFK Library on Boston’s Waterfront.  Obama will get yet another unearned award – the Profiles in Courage Awardfor not being George W. Bush….

You know that Lurch is wondering when it will be his turn….

All of which prove that none of them,  – not the surviving Kennedys,  the Obamas,  or the Kerrys have any clue what real courage or real honor are….

They are all just criminal political animals enriching themselves on taxpayer money.

Hey Caroline:  What / where was Obama’s “Courage”?

Was it during the Benghazi Massacre? 

Was it in swapping 5 terrorists for a traitor?  

Was it in sending pallets of CASH to the Iranian Twelvers…?

Was it in weakening our military…?

Watch now as Obama follows in Hillary’s speaker-tour footsteps – enriching himself as fools flock to hear him deliver whatever gets loaded into his teleprompters.

And Caroline?  Will the rest of her life be reduced to a once-a-year award ceremony where unworthy recipients get a 20-minute speaking platform and receive a now-meaningless participation trophy…?

Caroline – have you figured it out yet?

You’re just another paid-for high-priced whore!

3 Responses to “Obama Getting “Profiles In Treason” Award”

  1. Sonny's Mom

    (Sigh) Obama gets another unearned trophy; Boston gets another traffic jam.

  2. Leonard Mead

    Hey Boston Tea Party Patriots!

    The “event” is May 7.

    Why not show up at the Kennedy Library in great numbers with a few signs indicating what Obama really deserves?



    Len Mead
    Unwashed Conservative, Apollo Beach, FL

  3. Kojack

    The Profiles in Courage Award will now be rendered as meaningless as the Nobel Peace Prize….another socialist participation trinket for the corrupt PC “heroes” of the anointed liberal elite.