Obama Gets Unanimous SmackDown!

Posted June 26th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Unanimous!   All Nine (9) Justices tell Obama he went over the line with his fake NLRB “recess appointments”.
NLRB Smackdown
Upholds DC Court of Appeals ruling of Jan 2013
. Yes it takes this long for cases to grind through the system.

The case centers around Obama’s catering to UNIONS [surprised?] – specifically the Machinists of Boeing in Seattle.

Boeing has pretty much had it with union mentality and union work rules – which add enormous cost to each aircraft produced. So they sought to build their new Dreamliner in union-free South Carolina.

Obama needed union-friendly goons on the NLRB – so he appointed Democrats Sharon Block, Richard Griffin and Republican Terence Flynn [to look balanced] during a Christmas “recess” in January 2012.

Obama will likely try this tactic again, because he knows it takes at least 18 months for an opposing lawsuit to get to John Roberts and the Supremes.

He doesn’t care much for court decisions or actual laws – unless those laws have his name on them.

But you know he’d pissed this morning – that the two judges he put on the courtruled against him!

One Response to “Obama Gets Unanimous SmackDown!”

  1. Hawk1776

    A unanimous decision with Kagen and Sotomeyer on the court is nothing short of amazing. Now we need definitive word that the decisions rendered by the bogus NLRB are void.