Obama-Gal Stephanie Cutter Saw No Conflict

Posted March 21st, 2016 by Iron Mike

Stephanie,  were you blinded by the $$$$, or by the limelight?
Stephanie Cutter Hired and Fired
Stephanie got HIRED, – then FIRED  – in the SAME DAY!   Seems she forgot to tell her new employers – NBC and MSNBC about a ~ little ~ conflict of interest...

Obama’s former 2012 Deputy Campaign Manager got herself an on-camera broadcast job with the big-time network,…

…but “forgot” to tell them she would ALSO be back working for Obama, – to guide Judge Merrick Garland through his Senate Confirmation process….a clear conflict of interest for a ‘journalist’.

Jeez,…imaging the networks have suddenly found their ethics…?

We can be assured that as an Obama Democrat, Stephanie has none of her own.

Stephanie Cutter ethical yardstick

Most White House Klingons wait until AFTER their administration is retired to get those high-paying media and K Street lobbying jobs.

But Stephanie seems a little greedy,  she wanted that NBC paycheck,  AND her White House paycheck

A Double-Dipper thwarted,…for the moment!

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