Obama Found Some Magic Stones

Posted March 19th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Muammar Gaddafi wakes up Saturday to assess the damage caused to his Soviet and French made air defense batteries by 112 US Tomahawk cruise missiles. He won’t be happy. He also has to assess another disconcerting factor; somewhere Barack Obama has found some magic stones.

These Tomahawk strikes are prelude to a NATO backed no-fly umbrella which should prevent most Libyan jets and helicopter gunships from operating.

Even so, the operation will come with significant risks, as we can be assured that the Libyan army has a goodly supply of MANPADs [man portable air defense missiles] which can reach up to 16,000 feet and bring down an unwary pilot. Some 30 nations for instance have supplies of Russian built SA-18 Iglas. At low levels even the ubiquitous RPG can bring down our helicopters – as we have learned in Iraq and Afghanistan. And Libya has a goodly supply of Soviet-built 23mm systems.

For sure, Libyans who fly will be shot down. But so will Coalition pilots. Then we’ll play the hostage game. Jessie Jackson is already packed.

All of this comes three weeks late. The time for action was when the rebels had Gaddafi’s army backed into Tripoli, – before he hired the hardened mercenaries from Chad, before the Syrian pilots arrived to save his camel, and before his coordinated counterattacks pushed the rebels back in disorder to Benghazi.

It would have required boots – special operations boots – on the ground. Once again our casualty-phobic DoD is trying to exorcize a demon surgically – without placing American troops in Harm’s Way.

Guess what?  Today a good number of our pilots are women. We’ve already had a few shot down, starting with Rhonda Cornum [who was raped by Iraqi soldiers] in Desert Storm.  In 2004 CPT Kimberly Hampton was shot down and killed near Fallujah.

The French are eager to have their Rafale delta-wing multi-purpose fighter proven in combat. It will help sales. Already we have early and inconclusive reports that French Rafales have targeted Libyan tanks outside of Misrata,  and the Libyans claim to have shot down a French jet over Tripoli. This is going to get messy.

I half expect Jane #onda, Cindy Sheehan, Code Pink, Bill Maher, Geraldo Rivera and Keith Olbermann to show up in Tripoli by Monday morning. [See the Minister Farrakhan video rant at the end.]

My question is: whose stones did Obama find?  Certainly not his own, – and not Biden’s. Maybe Hillary’s? Maybe Valerrie Jarret’s? Watch John Kerry take credit for the whole thing.

As we learned in Iraq, and later in Kosovo, an air cap [no-fly zone] will not prevent thugs from conducting murder and even genocide on the ground. It doesn’t stop the Taliban.

All we’re doing is buying a few weeks for somebody to organize things on the ground.

It's a long way from Benghazi to Tripoli

Somebody’s troops are going to have to be with the rebels, and directing air strikes. And somebody’s troops are going to have to organize the rebels into units and march on Tripoli. Could this be the moment when France begins to regain military honor?

     Viva la République!

     /s/ Iron Mike
     Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Now for the nutty part.  Remember that Minister Farrahkan is a Black Muslim. [CAUTION: Protect your keyboard,  nothing in your mouth]:

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  1. Tom Gilroy

    The latest from the head of US Forces, Adm. Mike Mullin, is that we are not trying to take out Gaddafi. I guesss our role was launch the Tomahawks, bomb the airforce provide command and control, now we sit back amd watch as the French and Brits take over the heavy lifting. The left is not happy, but they love the new world order battle plan.