Obama: Failing At Diplomacy & War

Posted May 28th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Things have really gone downhill – ever since his bombastic ‘Rock Star‘ speech in Berlin.

How much worse will it get before we’ve dumped him?

The ‘Obama Charm’ hasn’t worked any miracles or softened any hearts.

The image of a 21st Century ‘Messiah’ has come up short against 21st Century reality – and we are in far greater danger for it.


First he wanted to mollify the Hillary supporters – so he named her SecState. Many [most?] MoonBat women consider her the ‘World’s Smartest Woman’.  She isn’t – by a long shot [she married Bill]. And she was totally unqualified.

By sending yet another woman [after Madeline Albright and Condi Rice] to talk to Arabs and Orientals – he showed a total insensitivity to their male-dominated cultures – and that he was more concerned with domestic political appearances than with preserving America’s pre-eminence in world affairs. They all took note.

Hillary promptly made a fool of herself by presenting the Russians with a ‘Reset’ button – fashioned after the Staples ‘that was easy’ button used in their marketing. BUT, they put the wrong word on it. The Russian word they used was Pereguzka [means overcharge]. It should have said: ????????. Oops! Amateur hour!

In September 2009 Obama unilaterally called Poland and the Czech Republic and informed them he was caving in to Russian demands that he abandon the long awaited Missile Defense Shield [and tossing them under the bus with it].

What did he get from Russia in return? NOTHING!!!

In June 2009 he went to Egypt – and made a condescending speech he thought would calm the waters of Arab discontent. By doing so he looked weak, foolish, and naïve.

The Muslim Brotherhood knew their time was at hand, and made their plans for the overthrow of Mubarak.

Obama made his distain [hatred?] of Israel clear for all to see. He demanded they return to the indefensible 1967 borders. This emboldened both the MB and the Iranian Twelvers.


He announced pullout dates from Iraq and Afghanistan – which told the Islamists exactly how long they have to prepare for total takeover.

When the Sunni leaders of Iran were cowed by the threat of an increasingly hostile Iran – they refused to negotiate a long-term status-of-forces agreement with us.

Instead or reassuring them, and solidifying a critical anti-terrorism alliance, Obama announced a cut-and-run early pullout date.


In his zeal to use the killing of bin Laden to enhance his already flagging re-election bid, Obama and his Village Idiot released many HIGHLY CLASSIFIED details and names of how the deed was done.

AND, in a further bid to bolster his re-election he released to Hollywood highly classified materials so they could make a MOVIE – which is expected to glamorize his ‘military decision making’.

Predictably he’s made the Pakistanis feel like public fools in the process, fraying an already badly worn and tenuous alliance. Now they are blackmailing us just to move supply convoys through their country – at the rate of $5,000 per truckload.


Obama campaigned [wrongly] on closing Guantanamo and trying the terrorists in civilian courts. It was a display of naivety and weakness all could see, – and the American left was cherishing it.

But when faced with the stark reality, Obama failed to follow through. He had his sidekick Eric Holder waste a full year floating trial balloons about bring KSM and his buddies to NYC for trial – at a courthouse within the shadow of the former Twin Towers.

Eventually Obama-Holder buckled to public outrage. But though Gitmo remains open, the terrorists are just now starting to be tried – in an Obama-orchestrated circus-like theater.

As a result – terrorists and insurgents captured in Iran and Afghanistan mock us – reminding us that ‘…you may have watches, …but we have the time’.


Iran was already a region-destabilizing and growing nuclear threat as Obama took office. He seemed to think that the wonderfulness of his personality could bridge any gaps.  Yet when the opportunity to unseat Ahmadinejad came with the Green Revolution of 2009-2010,  Obama was both silent and inert as the Mullah’s secret police shot kids in the streets. Thus Obama appeared either to be afraid, or to be backing the Twelvers.

And as Ahmadinejad used his Kuds Force to train insurgents in both Iraq and Afghanistan in the use of improved IEDs – killing and maiming hundreds of Americans – Obama remained silent.

One has to ask if higher US casualties were playing into Obama’s long-term goals?


Nothing better displays Obama’s need to claim unwarranted ‘glory’ for himself than his several ‘personally authorized’ rescues of Americans held by Somali pirates; – April ’09 the SEAL rescue of Maersk Alabama Captain Richard Phillips, – and Jan ’12 rescue of Buchanan and Thisted from Galkayo, Somalia.

NEITHER rescue required the dramatics of a presidential OK. Only Obama’s narcissism made it mandatory.

Most revealing is the token effort he has made to put a significant multi-national naval task force in place to eradicate the problem.

Thanks to Obama, the pirates have enjoyed good hunting for his entire term in office. Thugs everywhere have taken note.


Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria and others – the long awaited uprising of Islamic nationalism and Islamic fundamentalism as embodied in the Muslim Brotherhood arose to oppose presidents and kings.

Obama and Hillary at first ignored it, then began throwing allied rulers like Mubarak under the bus. He declared support for ‘rebels’ [al Qaeda and Hezbollah] – and aided them with air strikes and intelligence – eventually with US boots on the ground.

In that process, he bungled badly, letting some 20,000 of Kaddafi’s SA-7 surface-to-air missiles disappear into the Arab bazaars.

WHAT RULERin any country – will want to be allied to a president so widely known for throwing allies under the bus? He may be dead, but the Map of the World is being remade to the liking of UBL!


First Obama and his cartel including Hillary and Holder authorized Operation Fast & Furious. It was allegedly a gun-tracking sting operation designed to catch American gun smugglers and Mexican Drug Lords. That was JUST a cover story.

The REAL PURPOSE was to foment a bloody drug war along our southern border – which would allow Obama to do two things:

1. Sign an Executive Order banning the sale of ‘assault weapons’ – perhaps even outlawing them and requiring them to be turned in or confiscated.

2. Using the ongoing bloody war as an excuse – sign an Executive Order granting unlimited immigration of Mexican ‘war refugees’ – to include FEDERAL FUNDING for their resettlement – probably in Republican states where their votes might tip the balance.

Then on May 20th 2010 he allowed Mexican President Philip Calderon to address a Joint Session of Congress. Calderon [a fellow socialist] had the bad manners to lecture the USA that Arizona’s new anti-illegal immigrant law was racist, – and he blamed us for the gun violence in his country.

Calderon is a member in good standing of the one-world crowd, – and he wants his unhappy and frustrated citizens to have an escape valve – to the US.

At this point it became clear to all concerned that under the Obama Cartel neither the flow of illegal Mexicans or illegal drugs would be seriously slowed.


Obama played to his extreme liberal enviro-nut base when he canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline.

It sent a message to the world that he is serious about downgrading the US self-defense capability – AND it sent our strongest natural ally into a pipeline deal with our strongest natural competitor.

It will also put BILLION$ into the pockets of his buddy Warren Buffet – who owns the BNSF Railroad. Gas prices soon rose to nearly $4.oo/gal.



The sudden death of Kim Jong-Il and the ascendancy of his third son Kim Jung-Un to leadership presented Obama with THE key moment to end 61 years of hostility. If there was any outreach to their new young leader – it remains a state secret.

The North Koreans continued with a series of missile tests – some successful, one a significant failure. But for all of Mister Obama’s personal wonderfulness, the North Koreans remain a likely source of a major regional war, – and they continue to export arms, counterfeit money, and counterfeit pharmaceuticals.


Obama went to China in Nov 2009. From all appearances – he essentially went as a tourist – a largely indifferent one.

He spent only five (5) minutes visiting a half-brother who lives there. Perhaps they both know they’re really not related.

But issues of Chinese currency manipulation, copyright and patent infringement, and threatening of the Philippines, Taiwan and Tibet went undiscussed – or at least unresolved.

The Chinese had a real-world answer for Obama.  Nov 10th 2010, – they had a submarine launch a missile from just 25 miles west of Los Angeles.

Obama was silent and DoD officially denied it.

The message was sent – and received.

Yet the Obama Cartel continues to spend money we don’t have, and borrow it from these same Chinese. Does it make sense to you?


There is not a single foreign policy success story that Obama can claim.

We are in much more danger today than we were under Bush.

Yet, Romney is likely to ignore this failure and focus on his own ‘business experience’, – while Obama will gladly focus on Romney’s wealth, on the 1%, and on ‘saving ObamaCare’ – and of course his only successful war – class warfare.

Sadly, most Democrats will gladly ignore Obama’s failures. After all – he is our First Black President! What else matters?

/s/  Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!


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