Obama Faces Three Doors

Posted October 7th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Hello Americans!

Do you recall as a young child listening to fables?  Do stories like Ali Babba, Mother Goose, Pinocchio, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood or the Ugly Duckling ring a bell?

Do you remember the one about a shepherd boy who falls in love with a princess? Her father is furious and places him in an arena where the only way out is to open one of three doors. Behind each is a surprise, – a tiger who will eat him, – a pot of gold which will make him wealthy for life, – or the princess, who will become his loving wife. The king torments him by telling him that after he picks a door, if he is lucky enough to get the gold and the safe way out, the other doors will be opened and the tiger will eat his beloved princess.  Which door will he choose?

Now our Community Organizer-in-Chief faces that three-door dilemma in Afghanistan.  Unlike Lincoln [who he tried to emulate by taking a train to his inauguration] Obama is blessed with a plethora of truly worthy combat-seasoned generals who know how to wage a war and who [unlike George McClellen] will seek out and pursue the enemy.  But unlike Lincoln – who had actual military experience, Obama has shunned the military in all parts of his life.  Now he cannot even grasp the gravity of the situation, – except that he doesn’t want to end up looking like Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, or Jimmy Carter. This pResident is getting the best military advice any of our presidents ever got, – yet he is without doubt the least qualified and equipped to comprehend this advice.  And all the while, he’s only thinking about his 2012 reelection campaign.

Door #1:  He can take the sage advice, give McChrystal the needed troops, – fight a long and bone-wearying war, and probably win.  It is the right thing to do,  but it will cost him his liberal and moonbat base. *

Door #2:  He can claim that the rocks of Afghanistan are not worth American blood, and order an immediate pullout.  His liberal base will enshrine him,  even as they ignore the Taliban taking revenge in a manner reminiscent of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia’s killing fields.

Door #3:  He can attempt a politician’s compromise and give McChrystal a few thousand more troops and instruct him to concentrate on training the Afghan army and police.  Then early in 2012 he can pull all the Americans out.

petraeus GenStan McCLet me repeat:  No president, king, or emperor anywhere on earth has – ever –enjoyed the luxury of such a magnificent military at his disposal,  such sage and unselfish advice from battle-tested generals, or such clear-cut choices before him.  Petraeus, McChrystal, and the rest may loathe Obama’s anti-American guts and his serpentine character,  but they are giving him their best military advice.  Ironically, there has never been a head of state since Nero [54 – 68 AD] less suited to weigh this advice, to make this decision, or to grasp it’s far-reaching consequences.

RahmThumbing Biden&HillarySadly, your pResident is listening to folks like Rahm Emanuel [trained as a ballet dancer], Lovable Joe Biden [our National Village Idiot], and Hillary Clinton [a woman scorned and another military hater].  If the issues weren’t so important to the world over the next 50 -–100 years, we could understand Obama’s reluctance in making this decision.  

PrincessMAfter all, the last time he made a major life-altering decision was 1992, – when he decided that Michelle Robinson would be a really fun chick to go through life with. [Shudder!]

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

* Remember Obama wrote that when things get tough he would side with the Muslims.  Thus he may be very reluctant to see America win anywhere in the Middle East or South Asia.

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