Obama Dithers; Israel Strikes

Posted May 5th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Badly burned by the ‘Arab Spring[it was really the Muslim Brotherhood Spring] and then Benghazi, – then In Amenas, Algeria, – and now Boston, Obama is paralyzed into inaction.
Dithering Obama

The Israelis under Benjamin Netanyahu suffer no such indecision, – and no illusions about their safety in a post-Assad Middle East.  They acted!



The Muslim Brotherhood – and it’s action arm al Qaeda – have been collapsing one Arab dictatorship after another, – Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, [we did Iraq], and they’re busy in Yemen and Syria.  Syria could fall any time….

Iran has been in a frenzy to arm their ally in Lebanon – Hezbollah – with missiles capable of reaching Tel Aviv and Haifa.  Their traditional delivery route was through Damascus.  Now that is threatened by the al Qaeda rebels.

Israel is justifiably afraid of both missile-armed al Qaeda and Hezbollah. Add to the terror Assad’s considerable supply of chemical weapons – [his own and those Saddam Hussein sent him as Iraq was falling] and you have the ingredients of WW III brewing in the collapse of the Assad regime.


This civil war has been going on in Syria for over two years now.

There was a time when the rebels were predominantly pro-democracy folks.  But now their ranks have been filled with hard-core al Qaeda types – determined to recreate that long-lost Muslim Caliphate.  The time for aiding the real good guys has long slipped through Obama’s fingers. One might speculate that he never wanted the good guys to win. 


In recent weeks there is evidence that either (1). Assad used some chemical weapons against rebel pockets, or (2). some al Qaeda rebels used chemical weapons against pro-democracy rebels – to make it look like Assad used them.

Again Obama dithered, saying he ‘needed to verify the chain of custody’.  To islamists and Israelis alike – Obama looks like a dithering pussy.

Hillary had no clue – now neither does Lurch.  AND, there’s real gunfire involved!

With a fresh supply of Iranian Fatah-110 and Scud-Ds arrived in Damacus – en route to southern Lebanon,  Israel could wait no longer.  Far easier to hit them while they’re sitting in an airport warehouse than when scattered in the villages and towns of southern Lebanon.

According to some reports, the Israelis struck twice – even flying directly over Assad’s palace – either as a symbolic act or because that was the best angle to strike from. 

In any event – what what has been vaunted by the Russians as the most secure anti-aircraft umbrella in the world – was penetrated – twice – without the Israelis being scratched. 


AssadSooner or later, Assad will either be killed by one of his trusted staff, – or will boogie out to Cyprus and on to Switzerland. 

Syria will be left in bloody chaos, as the various al Qaeda factions kill off the original freedom-seeking Syrian rebels and few remaining Christians.

Hezbollah [who are Shia] will attempt to grab all the land from Damascus west toward Lebanon.  Sunnis will be displaced at gunpoint – or killed where they huddle.

And then as that dust settles,  al Qaeda and Hezbollah will turn their attentions south toward Israel – emboldened by Obama’s paralysis and newly armed by captured Russian and Iranian arms.  Suddenly al Qaeda will even have an air force.

To TehranAny wonder that Israel struck when it did?  More to come.

For the Israelis – these are very short-range missions; – but very good training for young pilots who may have to fly all the way to Tehran before much longer.

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9 Responses to “Obama Dithers; Israel Strikes”

  1. Tom

    Obama and the DOS is terrified what may be disclosed by the whistle blowers revelations and contradictions on Wednesday. If, as some suspect, they have been aiding and abetting Al Queda, and lied the the people of the United States and the world, their very careers may be jeopardized as well as members of the CIA and military. A very interesting week ahead.

  2. Flick

    Wednesday=SHOWTIME! Benghazigate, anyone?

  3. Walter Knight

    The Taliban ruled Afganistan, propped up by their air force. Liberals thought it would take an army to topple the Taliban, but all it took was destroying the Taliban air force, and the Afgans did the rest.

    In Libya, liberals complained that if we toppled Khadafi, worse would replace him. Also, ground troops that we did not have would be needed. Finally, France wiped out Khadafi’s air force and provided air support, and the Libyans killed Khadafi themselves.

    The Syrians want their dictator out, but he is being propped up by his air force. Once again liberals say we can’t easily topple Assad, worse might replace him. Bull. Bomb his helicopters and jets at their airbases, and its over. Syrians will finish him off. Will worse replace him? That’s their problem. But, after winning their freedm in blood, Syrians, like Lybians, heavily armed, won’t just give their freedom away.

    That’s the problem in Egypt. They haven’t earned their freedom yet. It won’t just be given to them.

  4. Walter Knight

    Maybe that’s why Obama bolstered Egypt’s air force, so the Muslim Brotherhood can use it on their own people when the time comes, or to prop up other regimes.

  5. Hawk1776

    Unfortunately Obama hasn’t been burned by any of those events. As usual he’s gotten a pass from the media, although Benghazi is finally getting traction after after eight months. Even Stephen Lynch (D MA) has conceded the Benghazi “talking points” were wrong. Wednesday may make a difference but it’s too late to affect the Presidential election.

  6. Casey Chapman

    Israel’s enemies see us as weak. Israel sees us as weak and waffling about the Muslim Brotherhood. I cannot blaim them for anything they do to defend their country. I wish we had the gonads to act when we should. I also don’t think we need to get involved in Syria. Sorry if that offends anyone. We are in too many wars as it is.

  7. Walter Knight

    Liberals have never seen a war they wanted to win. The our allies realize they cannot depend on us, and will fight alone. When the French are the cutting edge against worldwide terrorism, it won’t last.

  8. Walter Knight


    I do not expect conservatives to agree on all issues. Disagreement does not make one a ‘Rino’ as some accuse way too much.

    Isreal’s policy is to go in, break things and kill, and hope the Arabs learned a lesson not to mess with them again. Our policy is go in, fix what we break, and do a regime change. Our policy is more responsible, but it costs more in lives and fortune.

    I understand reluctance to use American military might in too many places. Some crappy countries don’t seem worth it. But, I see the current conflict as WWIII, and most conflicts are connected to others.

  9. Kojack

    Taking Mubarek, who honored the treaty with Isreal, out in Egypt and Khadafi, who renounced his WMD ambitions, out in Lybia made an already unstable region even less stable by giving by replacing 2 some-what pro-American strongmen with the anti-American/Isreali Moooslim Brotherhood but fit the agenda of the pechulent, narcistic islamic marxist in the White House……Americans are still dying for nothing in Afghanistan as they did in Iraq thanks to the village idiot’s failure to negogiate a force in residence agreement leaving Iran an opportunity to totally dominate Iraq…..nation building there has been an utter failure in every criteria…..the US has no interest in Syria or in the middle-east, except for Isreal one of our most loyal allies, as we could replace their oil just by drilling here and the moooslims have shown that they are totally incapable of gratitude or loyalty…..we have more than enough problems here at home.