Obama Delivers On “CHANGE” Promise

Posted April 28th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Back in 2008,   you didn’t realize it would mean your college grad wouldn’t find a real job in Obama’s new economy…..
GDP 0 point 5 percent

He’s screwed a generation!   94,610,000 Americans NOT working!

3 Responses to “Obama Delivers On “CHANGE” Promise”

  1. Hunter556

    Too busy releasing 19000 convicted criminal illegal aliens, with 65000 convictions among them, 208 of those for murder. Arm yourselves folks.

  2. Hawk1776

    The economy isn’t entirely Obama’s fault, but he certainly hasn’t helped. The official unemployment rate is slightly down but the participation rate in the labor force is significantly down. Many of those people, including my wife, have given up and will never work again. Many others are working part time instead of full time. Hope & change.

  3. William Clark

    Why is it everyone I know and where I travel for work, are employed. The people who lost jobs in my area all have similar and some better than back in the Bush years.

    I like the GDP comment on .5%, every other quarter prior was good and about 20 times greater the last republican president. I guess trickle down doesn’t work.

    270 is the number that nobody is talking about.



    Willie, Willie, Willie….

    We know economics and REALITY are hard subjects for you life-ling MoonBats….but everywhere you travel for ‘work’ – you meet other government Klingons – people who work either DIRECTLY FOR the government – or for GOVERNMENT CONTRACTORS.

    You live in a TAXPAYER FUNDED WORLD!