OBAMA: Delete – Shred – Burn!

Posted May 10th, 2016 by Iron Mike

He just signed an Executive Order creating a “Transition Team” to assist the incoming administration.
Does the timing seem a tad early?   What does he know?
Obama - shred the evidence
And just a day later – John Kerry’s State Dept “can’t find” any of Bryan Pagliano’s emails… Gosh!

By May 2016, most thinking Americans know that nothing Obama says or does is in our best interest.  His agenda remains to dismantle all aspects of white Christian economic progress, power and influence [he calls it dominance] here in the USA and across the globe.

So he’ll force unvetted Muslim ‘refugees’ [military age young men] into your states,  and transgendered men and pedophiles into public restrooms with your daughter.

I wonder if he’s done some quiet polling – and believes that Trump will prevail in November. Why else begin the ‘transition process’ so early….unless he knows there’s a mountain of incriminating evidence to be deleted and destroyed…?

Frankly – for 7½ years he’s essentially owned the US Congress and the Supreme Court.  He undoubtedly had to blackmail a few into line, – the rest sold their souls and votes pretty cheaply,….and Obama was using lobbyist money anyway.

But Trump coming into office with a team of honest cabinet secretaries and ass-kicking attorneys could start a series of high-profile prosecutions.  Hillary and Kerry could both be caught in new fast-moving criminal probes.  Biden might be forced to testify – or live out his days in a federal prison…

We may be watching a change of priorities for Obama, – suddenly less concerned with his ‘legacy’, – and more focused on retiring unscathed…

Obama Presidential Pardons

Between lingering questions about his basic citizenship,  – about his time in college,  – his surrendered law license,  – the Benghazi arms smuggling fiasco,…

Benghazi Cover Story

  – and the sellout to Iran,….

Obama let Rezko rot

there is a mountain of evidence that needs disappear….

Rod Blagojevich

I’ll be watching the news for mysterious and ‘tragic’ deaths….

3 Responses to “OBAMA: Delete – Shred – Burn!”

  1. Leonard

    Mike — be sure those motion sensor cameras are working on ALL SIDES of your house.

  2. MC

    I would imagine that anyone who has communicated with Opaamma eta about anything– unless they are completely brain dead– made a copy or two of everything. The next years could prove enlightening.

  3. Hawk1776

    Obama is the worst President of my lifetime. He has been utterly incompetent, ignores the Constitution, and is in bed with the Muslims. He is, however, a master manipulator. He has (so far) gotten away with everything. His minion recently said he lied about the Iran nucleus deal and what was the impact? Nothing! No one has put a glove on this guy. If Trump wins the election, it will be interesting to see how many of Obama administration are indicted. Will we finally see Obama’s true birth certificate? What will the consequences be if it’s proven to be fake?