Obama Couldn’t Find A Jap?

Posted July 24th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Ambassador KennedyDid he even bother to look?

Caroline Kennedy – last known surviving child of the assassinated US President – is nominated [after months of waiting] to become US Ambassador to Japan.

Does she need the job?

Or does Obama just want this outspoken critic out of the country, – cut off from the NY Times – during the 2014 Mid-Terms? Did Obama ever consider an American who actually speaks Japanese? Was Lurch consulted?  How much did she pay?

4 Responses to “Obama Couldn’t Find A Jap?”

  1. Tom

    Just what are her qualifications other than being a “Kennedy” Scholsberg? We saw how inept she was in putting a sentence together when she considered a run for public office in New York State.

    Japan could be in jeopardy with the North Koreans rattling their sabers and how will she react to this?

  2. Casey Chapman

    I think it is a politically motivated move. Nothing Obummer does is by hapinstance. She won’t do any more harm than if Lurch’s wife were sent over there. Our relationship with Japan is fairly secure, as far as I know.

  3. Sam Adams

    Before she heads over to Japan, maybe she should have a talk with “Witch Hazel” whose own face was a road map before she had it “lifted”.

  4. Paul J Baldi

    Sweet Caroline! She will find out the hard way what it’s
    like to be a shill for the community disorganizer.
    Either she did Obummer a favor and this is payback, or
    she’s the only qualified candidate he could find after
    a nationwide search. Obummer is a lot like other dictators
    through history; he surrounds himself with those he can
    manipulate and intimidate, because he doesn’t trust anyone.