Obama Coulda’ Been Great

Posted February 21st, 2012 by Iron Mike

There is great anger over what Obama has done to our country.

But there’s an even greater unspoken sadness over what could have been, ~ perhaps ~ a president as great and grand as Washington, Lincoln, Reagan and FDR.

Alas, it is a story of squandered opportunity– our ship of state run aground on the sandbars of socialism, anti-colonialist grudges, political plundering and Obama’s ginormous narcissism.

Obama is not the brave young captain guiding us with steady hand through a terrible storm and into safe waters and a sheltered port.

We’ve seen the real Obamaan enormous ego – an empty suit reading from teleprompters – to school kids.

He’s the coward who pretends to be above the fray – but who really fears for his physical safety. Why else has he failed to visit a single inner city in the first three years of his term? Did not Black voters turn out in their thousands in 2008? Where’s the love?

There isn’t any. Obama’s narcissism renders him incapable of love.

Despite having a Black Democrat in the Oval Office, Black unemployment is at an all-time high. Why?

Obama’s anti-business socialist policies have killed off the entry-level jobs that disadvantaged kids used to use to get a start in life. His threats against the Boeing plant in Charlestown are typical. Whites and Blacks, skilled and unskilled go without jobs – or hope.

This won’t improve until he is out of office.

The president who could have easily assembled an all-star team of cabinet officers instead surrounded himself with Clinton left-overs, and hired a corps of known socialists and communists as Czars – to work around the cabinet officers.

Obama could have been the champion of medical research – focusing attention on key issues such as organ donation, cancer research, autism research, birth defects, and Alzheimer’s research. Instead, he continued to be a known chain smoker and pushed socialized medicine and abortion while funneling billions to campaign contributors through ‘green companies’ which went bankrupt.

For all his ineptitude, Jimmy Carter at least gets credit for trying to bring peace to the Middle East.

By contrast, Obama will be remembered as winking and doing nothing while the Muslim Brotherhood overthrew moderate governments and for abandoning 60 year ally Israel in favor of radical Islamic groups.

Obama could have been a wise and visionary Commander-in-Chief – by doing little more that earnestly seeking the advice of his wisest and most courageous war chiefs.

Instead, it seems the only use he has for our troops is as backdrops for his many teleprompter events.

The man who campaigned on ‘Hope’ has delivered despair.

The ‘Change’ he created has been lower home values, higher foreclosure rates, higher long-term unemployment, and more people on food stamps that at any time in history.

But he’s vacationed like a European prince and played a lot of golf.

The man who coulda’ become legendary will be known in future decades and future centuries as the man who snuck into our White House behind a blank résumé, then tried with massive pettiness and shameless shenanigans to destroy the heart and soul of our Republic.

He’s done little for three years but fly the wings off Air Force One – giving meaningless teleprompter events and collecting campaign cash from rich but willing fools.

Can you imagine how ashamed some people will be when the secrets come dripping out – once he’s out of office?

The guy who was supposed to be hip and cool has instead proven to be slick, and sly, and petty, and cheap.

So I’m sad that what coulda’ been will never be – because the image was false, just as the man himself is false.

And I’m sad for my country because so many people were fooled, and so many seemingly still are.

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!


2 Responses to “Obama Coulda’ Been Great”

  1. Perplexed Senior

    Hip hip horray! This should be plastered on the front pages of the Boston Globe, New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, St Louis Post Dispatch and the Los Angeles Times where the Obama “faithful” in the urban enclaves where everyone can read the truth about “woulda, coulda, shoulda” and how “hope and change” has only brought despair and dread. Vote in the primaries and on November 6th for Anyone but Obama because your country is on the brink.

  2. Karen G

    Iron Mike — this is a great post. You always manage to distill it down to the most important points. I find it disturbing and narcissistic that while our fine country is dying, Obama is singing. It is just so inappropriate.