Obama: Confused, Cowardly, or Treasonous?

Posted October 20th, 2009 by Iron Mike
Confused,  Cowardly,  or Treasonous?
Afghanistan and the World wait to see! 

Hello Americans,

It has been 54 days since General Stan McChrystal told our Apologizer-in-Chief that winning, nay, even surviving in Afghanistan for another campaign season against al Qaeda and the Taliban would require a surge of 40,000 troops.   General David Petreaus concurred.   These two warriors are men of courage, honor, and candor

For weeks Obama has been “holding meetings with his closest advisors” to decide what to do.  He’s thrown up a smoke screen about waiting for the outcome of Afghanistan’s flawed elections. [What?  ACORN has an office in Kabul too? Gee!  Well Obama certainly knows about flawed elections!!]  And he’s layered his first smoke screen with a second one – that of deciding upon “just the right strategy”. 

In deciding on that strategy he’s ~ kind of ~ a prisoner of his campaign rhetoric last year when he explained to his moonbat followers that “Iraq was the wrong war” – – and that “he would lead the fight to win in Afghanistan”.  Then he was just spouting words.  He never had the faintest clue about how to fight either war.  He still doesn’t!  That icky ‘war stuff’ is just so beneath the dignity of any self-respecting liberal narcissist. 

Council of War Wizards

Council of War Wizards

So between campaign swings against the ghost of George W. Bush,  he huddles in the White House conference room [ever-present cameras rolling] with his military brain trust – Rahm Emanuel [trained as a ballet dancer],  David Axelrod [$chooled in Chicago politic$ and media manipulation], Valerie Jarrett [communist lawyer $chooled in Chicago politic$],  Hillary Clinton [Rose Law Firm attorney trained to ignore Bill’s philandering], General James Jones [ Marine – one year on the ground in RVN, after that mostly a Washington DC Marine],  Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Mike Mullen – [a surface Navy guy who’s certain there’s not enough water in Afghanistan to float a canoe], and Defense Secretary Robert Gates [who by now must have bitten a full inch off the tip of his tongue].  Oh and of course – Obama’s most trusted military and foreign policy expert – our National Village Idiot – Lovable Joe Biden.

To make sure they’re all working off reliable information,  Obama just sent his ole’ buddy war hero / military wizard John Ketchup Kerry over with General Petraeus to get a fresh sense of events and report back.  Since both men are potential Presidential contenders in 2012,  Obama is probably hoping for another Ron Brown event.

People,  do you have any idea how these foot-dragging political posturing and games effect troop morale?  I remember fighting for hills while Kissinger argued about the shape of a table. 

So is Obama just confused?   Hardly!  He wants our troops demoralized!  What better excuse to bring them home,  – than to suddenly have a fact-finding team report that troop morale is down and they don’t want to fight!  Perfect!   Obama can pull out and please his über-left base,   his Islamic buddies the Taliban retake Afghanistan,   and he’ll control the media to ignore the bloodbath that will follow. 

The kind of war that Obama and his Socialist goons fully understand is political war, – how to vilify and attack entities like insurance companies,  the Chamber of Commerce,  and Fox News.  Obama is happy to tear down the wealthy and pull the rug of free enterprise capitalism from under the middle class.  He revels in this.  He can toss a lifetime friend aside or under the bus with equal aplomb.   But this teleprompter who could barely muster enough courage to vote “present” lacks the backbone and guts to make a command decision effecting military action.  He must have been terribly distraught about the Somali pirates [distant kinsmen].

The third possibility we have to consider [remember his bow to the Saudi king?] is that he is deliberately dithering to quietly engineer an American defeat and an Islamist victory.  Things are ugly in Afghanistan and Pakistan right now.  These countries are linked by poverty, culture, history, religion, the drug trade,  millenium of corruption and the Khyber Pass.   And now in Jihad against the west and against America.  Remember his words in his book “ . . . when things get ugly I will side with the Muslims”.  We must at least consider that our pResident is contemplating treason, – planing to engineer an American retreat in the face of evil.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still good for Parts!

2 Responses to “Obama: Confused, Cowardly, or Treasonous?”

  1. DannaMarineMom


    Perhaps Obama should consider the likelihood of a LOCAL war, since he holds foreign wars in such disdain. Despite all evidence of terroristic activity around the globe, Obama chooses to ignore it as if it were nonexistent. Rather, he prefers to prolificate lies that somehow America and her Military have provoked all of these incidents.

    Don’t EVER forget that he promised to support Islam. So far, that’s about the only promise he has been able to maintain.

    We must recognize the level of contempt this man holds for our own Constitution and Bill of Rights, not to mention the freedoms for which our nation is revered around the world. Failure to do so is to choose ignorance rather than fight the evil that is present in our own government.

  2. B Howell

    Don’t underestimate Rahm Emanuel. He might have studied ballet and turned down the Joffry Ballet, and gone to Sara Lawrence but he participates in triathlons. Dancers are strong and healthy, have low blood pressure. What I find most interesting about Rahm is that during the first Gulf War he was a volunteer with the IDF supposedly maintaining equipment. Actually, I think he was busy observing.

    Rahm and David go back a long way. David was the witness at Rahm’s wedding. They are a dynamic duo. I think this is the reason that Obama has chosen them. They can do what Obama can’t.

    Surely, Obama has forgotten that he has promised to ‘protect, preserve and defend’ the Constitution. He seems to have forgotten that it is also my Constitution and I don’t like the way he is doing his job.