Obama Cartel – Wheels Coming Off?

Posted June 10th, 2012 by Iron Mike

OK, this is JUST A THEORY:

I think that the various members of the Obama Cartel have broken a LOT of LAWS.

Certainly they’ve allowed the border to remain porous, they’ve run guns into Mexico with lethal consequences, they’ve failed to prosecute terrorists, and most recently there have been incredible leaks of sensitive national security information to both the ‘press’ and to Hollywood.

I’m pretty sure a lot of career-minded people in the WH, at State, in DOD, in DHS, and the Secret Service have just kept their mouths shut – thinking Obama would get a 2nd term. But now, – it begins to look like the Cartel may go down in flames, like the Wisconsin recall.

  Will folks start spilling Obama’s beans?

In favor of the facts remaining secret is the race card; – i.e. nobody wants to be the first to accuse the first black president of crimes or treason.

But I think the crimes are enormous enough – and were done brazenly enough – that some folks who know don’t want to be subpoenaed by Mitt Romney’s Attorney General.

They’d like to get out in front of the issue now and be a whistleblower witness, – and not an indicted co-conspirator.

  Things to watch for:

key staffers resigning between now and October.

– staffers suddenly ending up dead. [Remember Vince Foster?]

– a steady drip, drip, drip of leaks.

– Biden having a sudden health problem.

– leaked emails.

At some point soon, – with American business still sucking, – unemployment not getting better, – Mexicans still being murdered by the scores, – and Eric Holder still suing states over voter rolls and immigration laws, – and no end in sight to Obama’s arrogance and narcissism, – somebody is going to say ‘enough’!

I’ll go so far as to venture that somebody in or near their inner circle already has a file of material waiting for a special prosecutor, for a grand jury, for a book, – or for an October surprise.

The Cartel members – Obama’s cabinet and his czars – should be plenty nervous these days. They’ve been sitting on a powder keg, – smoking.

Whistleblowers, – your time is NOW!

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

I’m not the only person thinking so either…

Another – Democrat Pat Caddell:

4 Responses to “Obama Cartel – Wheels Coming Off?”

  1. Sue

    From your lips to God’s ears!

  2. Jim

    Yeah, I think Chris Rock referring to Obama as a Zebra was a sign of the wheels coming off. I knew Obama was going to become the first half-white instead of first black President when the press started recognizing him as a failed President.

  3. Prim

    If the House actually votes on Holder with honesty holding him in contempt and that “house of cards” starts tumbling, I am sure that the rats will start to abandon the ship .. singing like birds.

    We can only hope.

  4. mar

    Im from the U.K and recently came across the following information about Mitt Romney:

    That while he was CEO of Bain Capital he was responsible for 1000’s loosing their jobs,bankrupting businesses and small towns while increasing his own wealth to well over $150,000,000.

    When he was asked about his reputation as a ‘job killer’ he apparently said – ‘I like being able to fire people who provide services for me”

    Is this true? If so wouldnt you be mad to vote for him? I dont support either side but was horrified to read the above
    Thanks for clicking in and for your comment.

    The short answer is that Bain Capital was and is in business to attempt the salvage of companies which are going down the tubes.

    In MANY cases those companies had ALREADY had massive layoffs, and were struggling to save their brand name and their patents.

    In the process of buying them [or controlling interest] – some people were laid off, and a few companies were closed.

    The overall record of Bain is pretty damn good!

    Before you condemn, look around England. Damn few companies there still making buggy whips or building sailing ships, eh?

    As for statements made by Mitt – remember there is an entire political machine operating over here to destroy his reputation. Gee, you think they ~ might ~ launch a few unguided missiles?