Obama Cartel Running Scared!

Posted November 23rd, 2013 by Iron Mike

They long for those good old days of easy photo-ops – before everything came unglued.
Al Frankin Sweats Re-Election
Al Franken – the flaming liberal Saturday Nite Live clown that Minnesota sent to the US Senate as a joke on all of us in 2008 – is one of 22 left-wing Class II Senators up for re-election in 2014ObamaCrap has just scared the crap out of him! 

Franken was never subtle about his humor.  He was always blunt, scathing, crude, and totally irreverent.  He didn’t change as a senator. 

But now – faced with a year-long re-election campaign – in a state which already has 140,000 customers with cancellations….and a governor and insurance commissioner who refuse to go along with Obama’s 1-year ‘fix’,…Franken is sweating bullets….

So Thursday he told the Minnesota Post that he’s looking at pushing back the mandate – until the website works.  Good luck with that one Al!

Al knows, – in 2008 he was elected by a very questionable 3% majority – in an election wracked with fraud. Without Obama heading the ticket,…he’ll likely face both a primary and a general election challenge.

snlAnd most voters see through Harry Reid’s use of the ‘nuclear option’ to end senate filibusters.

Fear and desperation motivated it – the ‘…we’ve got nothing to lose at this point…’ sinking feeling that Obama’s inept HHS team has created.

The foul stench of ObamaCrap is hanging all over Franken.

Oh well,…there’s always that old gig on Saturday Night Live… 

Franken is also up to his eyeballs in the IRS targeting of TEA Party groups, – although he’s trying hard to ‘forget’ it:

3 Responses to “Obama Cartel Running Scared!”

  1. Tom

    Al, how are your code writing skills these days? Are you really you really more concerned about your constituents or being reelected? We know the answer is the latter not the former. You have no business in the senate, you stole the election and maybe you can get your job back at SNL, but maybe your humor is no longer relevant.

  2. Hawk1776

    Tom is correct in that Franken’s election in Minnesota was very controversial. He only won by slightly more than 300 votes, and many of those were from questionable voters. The two biggest questions and 1) will Obamacare sink him in 2014 and 2) can the Republicans find a viable candidate to run against him?

  3. Casey Chapman

    Franken won through fraud that was aided by the state’s political machine. I lived in that state a couple of decades ago, and corrupt is just a polite word for what goes on there.