Obama Cartel Pushes ‘Greek’ Yogurt

Posted July 9th, 2013 by Iron Mike

No, it’s not in the Constitution, but they don’t care.
Chobani Friends
The Obama Cartel will use your Tax $$ to make a rich immigrantricher!  They’ll be buying Chobani ‘Greek’ [actually Turkish] yogurt to feed school kids – in four pilot states, AZ, ID, NY, TN, – picked to see how long the yogurt lasts before going bad.

OK, maybe yogurt is good for kids, – healthy, low fat, high protein and all…  But where in our Constitution is the Federal Government directed [or allowed] to use taxpayer money to feed certain selected kids?

Wouldn’t that be the job of the states [as last resort],…or their parents?

Chibani is a booming success story.  Kurdish/Turkish immigrant Hamdi Ulukaya started the company in a old Kraft plant in 2005 – with funding from his ex-wife.  By 2012 he was a Billionaire.  [Today she’s suing him for her 53%.]
Chuck follows the Bucks

Ulukaya knows his way around politicians.  He cuddled up to NY State Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer, and just two weeks ago was meeting with Obama ‘to advise him on immigration policy’.

POOF! Two weeks later the announcement from SecAG Tom Vilsack;  – Billionaire Ulukaya [did he contribute his fair share?] – will add Dept of Agriculture $$ to his revenue stream.

Tom, was there ever even a competitive bid set out…?

Think of the marketing coup!  Ulukaya gets to have kids in four (4) states [for now] eat his product every day at school….  “Mommy, Mommy, buy that one, – that’s the one we get in school!”

7 Responses to “Obama Cartel Pushes ‘Greek’ Yogurt”

  1. Casey Chapman

    I eat Chobani quite often. I agree with you about the lunch business, but, it occurs to me, that they probably already use the same peanut butter brand throughout whatever schools that they are in charge of buying the food for. As an example. I think that this is SO FAR beyond the constitution, that it is ridiculous. Just another part of the Agenda21 nanny state.

  2. Varvara

    Is this the latest gimmick, like global warming? Should I buy stock in yogurt, like the people who bought stock in solar panels? Perhaps I should get a tinfoil hat….

  3. Tom

    My favorite yogurt and I may have to find another. These corrupt SOBs will do anything to reward their benefactors. Will the children be forced to eat the yogurt, and what about the lactose intollerant, and the other assorted allergies?

  4. Walter Knight

    I hate yogurt. It’s like eating sour slime, but that’s a side issue.

    Will this payoff become ‘Yogurtgate?’ Are they feeding Chobani Yogurt to the military, too? I noticed Chobani was served to guests leading up to Obama’s last Presidential Inauguration.

    So, Ben & Jerry’s got kicked to the curb? Didn’t pay enough in bribes?

  5. kathleen

    Not only is it disturbing that “our” government is hand selecting certain children to feed but more importantly using our kids as test rabbits for the viability of a product. This administration disgusts me.

  6. Walter Knight

    Wash down your broccoli with Greek yogurt . . . for the children.

  7. Flick

    Can’t imagine what microbes and electronics might be integrated with state-issued food. Children, military. Yes, I’m paranoid.