Obama Betrays NATO & Ukraine

Posted April 16th, 2014 by Iron Mike

A solemn promise was made – Obama is breaking it with a shrug!
In 1990 – the newly free Ukraine vowed not to build, hold, or use nuclear weapons.  WE guaranteed to protect them from nuclear nations [i.e. Russia]. 

Between March ’94 and June ’96 they shipped out every one of 1,900 nuclear warheads – to Russia – to be dismantled.  Now Russia has over-run the Crimea and is threatening to over-run at least the Eastern third of the country.

size comparison

And Obama won’t even send them simple anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons.  He’s leaving them in the open as sitting ducks!

This summer – maybe even this spring – you will see the map of Europe change.
New Iron Curtain

A new Iron Curtain is being drawn.  Putin will take at least of the Ukraine, and probably Estonia – the latter to give him a warm-water port.

BIG PROBLEM:   Estonia is a NATO Country!

If Putin can bully NATO into remaining passive as Russian troops occupy parts of Ukraine, and then storm into Estonia, – he will have effectively neutered and  dismantled NATO – without firing a shot!

NATO and Europe await American leadership – which has been the ‘glue’ since 1949.



You can be sure Putin will try taking us back to the late 1960s…

He will back Iran’s nuclear and regional ambitions.

He will reinforce Syria’s Assad, probably in exchange for more robust naval and air bases.

He will court Egypt and Pakistan as Russian clients,  again – arms and economic help in exchange for basing rights.


HIS GOAL?more flexibility


To see the USA in full retreat around the world.

With a ‘partner’ like Obama; – what’s to stop him?

And watching all this, – does anybody think the Chinese will sit quietly by?


NEXT TIME some slithering left-wing puke politician says something like “…you don’t need a gun, – just dial 911…”; – think of how the leaders of the Ukraine feel now – looking at Russian troops just 18 years after surrendering their guns!

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  1. Casey Chapman

    The USA is seen as being weak. Something that hasn’t happened since Wilson’s time in full. We need to elect as many republicans as possible. Get rid of Lynsey Graham, and Mitch McConnell as well. We cannot truly get our country back if we leave rinos in place.