Obama: Badly Faded Rock Star

Posted July 21st, 2010 by Iron Mike

Remember back when?  When throngs of people waited hours in the sun to hear The ONE speak to them?

Remember when the Pepsi Center in Denver just wasn’t BIG enough to contain the crowds [or his ego] for HIS acceptance speech?  So they moved the event to Mile High Stadium?  A quick trip back in time – just two short years – for some perspective.

This was JUST two short years ago.  We still had a real President, and the junior senator from Illinois was barnstorming the World.

It was at this point that the label The MEssiah began to stick.

He traveled like a head of state – or a rock star.  Was this the Second Coming?

Then came the Democratic National Convention in Denver.  Would he offer theVP spot to Hillary?  No, he went with the white-haired buffoon, our National Village Idiot. 

Remember that Gawd-awful Black Widow dress?  It was a signal.

  So today this undocumented worker can barely draw a crowd.  Democrats running for office across the land have been avoiding public appearances with him, lest they be photographed with him. 

With unemployment nationally at 10+%  [14+% in Nevada] it’s become painfully clear that OBummer fully intends to spread your wealth around.  But he is unable to do that loaves and fishes thing that the REAL Messiah did.  Worse still, he may not want to. 

We’re stuck with him for another 914 days, and we’ll have to endure his socialist plots and edicts, his 27+ socialist Czars, and his badly dressed and totally tasteless disbarred wife.  Come November 2012 you’ll be lucky if you still have a job.

We can improve our odds a LOT this November 2nd.  Vote ALL of his Democrat cronies and enablers OUT!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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