Posted July 13th, 2009 by Iron Mike

They had “Hope”, they wanted “Change”, and they believed it would come with transparency and with show trials.  Many saw their dream candidate – the product decades of AA/EEO – in a slender articulate Black man – one without the obvious chicanery of Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson.  Questions about his eligibility or his background were scornfully waived aside and branded “racism”.  Some believed he was the anti-Bush,  and he would “end the war”.  Others just saw their own reflection,  and believed they’d be getting free money and reparations.  They all chanted “Yes, – yes we can!

What they got was thinly veiled pro-Islamic socialism,  a neophyte’s simplistic apology tour of the world,  a camera hungry narcissist with an embarrassing dependency on teleprompters,  and a blundering gaffe-prone buffoon for a vice president.  Then came a parade of ethically and tax-challenged nominees,  astronomically wasteful unread spending bills,  government takeovers of big business,  the ravaging of their 401Ks and 529s,  and a swath of political cronyism and paybacks straight out of Cook County.

Hello Americans, thanks for clicking in today.

Today as their New MEssiah is finishing his first six months as our pResident,  there are lots of folks starting to have second thoughts about their vote last November 4th – an agonizing 252 long days ago.  The true cultists – the Real Obamacons and their devoted Obamadupes,  are still enthralled with their wondrous Miracle President.  Their heads are still spinning,  even as they still revel in His election and His inauguration.  They are happy with their God-King, – even if they acknowledge that the free money and the free rent has been a little slow in arriving.

The extreme Über-Left [virulent anti-war / anti-Bush / anti-Cheney] George Soros followers are now the most upset.  These folks were sure that by now all US troops would be ordered back stateside,  and there would be Nuremberg-style show trials for Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and every CIA interrogator and Guantanamo guard.  Rage and betrayal seethe within these zealous moonbats,  – who’d pinned so much hope and so much money putting Obama in office.  Every day that Guantanamo remains open is a personal affront.  They want to see GW in handcuffs,  and nothing less will do.  Sorry Moonbats, – did you really expect that?  Guess that’s why people call you moonbats. The MSM is also disappointed.  They’d counted on a couple of years of show trial to boost ratings.

The Middle-Left is also feeling frustrated.  They are slightly more realistic about the process of pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan,  and are more focused on domestic and social issues here at home.  Among them the various gay/lesbian groups are very angry that OBummer hasn’t ordered gay platoons in every military unit.  When the St. Patrick’s Parade happened again in Boston – without hundreds of gays in rainbow kilts blowing into gay bagpipes [use your imaginations], – they just knew they’d been betrayed.  OBummer’s nomination of a racist lesbian cougar to the SCOTUS just isn’t enough to satisfy, – she isn’t “out”.  They’re having hissy-fits!

Others in this middle group were expecting OBummer to open free abortion clinics in every town,  and condom dispensers in every school.  Gee, – maybe he’s not focused enough on those issues?  Maybe he’s worried about his daughters? Maybe he’s just been too busy traveling around the world becoming personally acquainted with all the world’s TV cameras, – and apologizing to every nation and every kook on the face of the planet.

Mainstream lefties, – and among them many single moms – were fully expecting their free medical care cards and their shares of Government Motors by now.  These folks really expected that there would be something material – some physical thing – a credit card perhaps – they could hold in their hand [with OBummer’s picture on it] which would make life easier for them.  What they got instead was a huge chunk of national debt, – which they are about to see as sales tax and income tax.  Next April 15th will be a day of weeping and grief, – and regret.  But still no free weed.  Ask them if they enjoyed OBummer’s romantic $250K “date nite” in NYC.

Moderate and Independent voters have been the first to acknowledge that the bloom is off the rose, – that OBummer the pResident is not living up to the Hope or the Hype.  Lacking specific allegiance to the “Democratic” Party – and not well-versed in Socialist rhetoric or the Socialist game-plan, – they do understand that the stock market is down some 1479 points since November 4th.  They know unemployment was 6.5% last October, and has skyrocketed to near 16% – [high enough that they now know several friends who have been laid off] and that there just aren’t very many “shovel-ready” projects being shoveled in their towns.  And OBummer now says it will “take years”.  How enchanting!

Moderates,  Independents – – have you grown a bit tired of the Cult of Obama – his picture everywhere – his face on TV every day – every newscast, every magazine?  Are you starting to wish you’d at least voted for a moderate American Patriot instead of this slick-talking internationalist socialist Chicago political goon?

Maybe the reason he hasn’t said or done anything about that annoying Chia-Gnome in North Korea is that his puppeteers – Axelrod, Emanuel and Jarrett – haven’t figured out a scam to get rich on the deal yet the way Al Gore plans to get rich on his “Global Warming” scam.

Oh well!

We Elephants tried to tell you.  We warned there were dark things in his past.  We kept telling you the paper trail had been expunged on this fraudulent pretender.  You scoffed, – and called us “racist”.  Now, six months too late you are beginning to think, – gee, did George Soros, MoveON.org and ACORN really rig the American elections?  Yup, they did just exactly that!

And what do you ~ think ~ they’re planning for 2010 and 2012, – with ACORN taking the census?

Oh, and all you older Republicans, – you old folks who looked upon John McCain as merely the lesser of two evils, so you stayed home and didn’t vote . . . Still thinking that was a smart move?

The 2010 mid-terms are just fifteen months away.  Do you think your vote on Nov 3rd 2010 might just help lessen this damage?

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!


  1. Rabid Republican

    …re: your comment about staying home and not voting… AMEN. Next time, be careful out there. Odd things happen when you let others do your voting for you. rr

  2. Herbert McGuilicuty

    Guess what, Reaganomics didn’t work, that’s why we are having problems now. Keynes had it right. And if the elite widened the income gap to the point of not having any spenders in the market, the government has to fill that role until we re-tool for the most desirable goods and services. The market can’t fix itself through mergers and takeovers of existing entities. But maybe the ultimate goal of all Americans should be a credit based service economy with politics kept stifled though an ongoing low-intensity/special operations conflict all fueled by a failing production and energy infrastructure. That’s the way!

  3. Rabid Republican

    Typical liberal response. Like the government has any money. If the Dems had any gonads, they’d cut taxes and let the people spend their own money. Government controlled spending has NEVER (repeat NEVER) worked. Let’s check out all those successful Commie Pinko countries and see how well they’re doing… Cuba? No. USSR? No. NK? No. Think again, Herbert. The only ones who are having any success are those that are beginning to embrace capitalism… China and Russia. But, we’re not going in the opposite direction. Thanks to Mr O and his commie friends! The government isn’t made up of people who have run businesses or ever had to support a payroll. It’s made up of flunkies who have no other skills than to try and run the lives of those who would be better off without the constant interference of government. I’m sure you’d have been right there on 4/19/1775 cheering on the British… hoping for even more government intervention… so you wouldn’t have to think for yourself, or support yourself. Or be ressponsible for yourself. Loser attitude, don’t you think?! rr