Obama Awards Himself A Medal

Posted January 5th, 2017 by Iron Mike

How much proof of narcissism does America need in his final days…?
Obama staged his “Farewell to the Military” Wednesday;  – and awarded himself a Participation Trophy – the DoD Distinguished Public Service Medal.   Did our guys at Benghazi get a medal…?

The whole event was an exercise in wasting time.   Obama told the military he wanted “…a seamless transition of power to the incoming president…” – as if the military doesn’t conduct thousands of Change of Command Ceremonies every year….

Remember those first two years – when he was always using troops as a backdrop for his speeches…?  Now the backdrop is empty seats.

The empty seats for the empty suit really tell the story.   If Obama gives a speech – and there’s nobody there,…does he still make noise…?

8 Responses to “Obama Awards Himself A Medal”

  1. Hunter556

    Be a man obama, like you wife, and go back to Chicago where u belong…..with all your little #iggers.

  2. Jim Gettens

    Yep, the same pathologically lying shithead who says that our Nation became “stronger and more prosperous” on his watch…:


    So, hey, he deserves the medal he ordered for himself.

    Kinda like the Captain of Titanic, had he survived, saying hitting the iceberg and killing hundreds of his passengers along with his ship was a good thing because adversity strengthened the survivors and the overall disaster led to safety and rescue reforms/new protocols.

  3. John Pagel

    Will look great hanging next to the worthless undeserved Nobel Peace Prize that he also got for doing nothing.

  4. MC

    What a joke. Was this for his service to Iran?!?!

  5. GreenBeretLTC

    I think he learned the learned the medal awarding process from John Kerry…..

  6. FL

    I feel that they should hang a BATTLESHIP ANCHOR around his neck (Perfect neck-tie) and have him walk the plank….. He would be good chum for the great whites and other man-eaters in the ocean..

    But then Obama is not a man… He is a Chicken-Shit Anti-American that has lied and deceived America, for 8 years and backs the Radical Muslim Caliphates. What happened to all of the transparency that he promised, when run for office. All lies !!! He is Treasonous, Socialist, #1 Radical Muslim Supporter, while being POTUS and has broken more local, civil, state, congressional and constitutional laws than any one person in history, that has done everything possible to bring down the USA and divide this country.

    You never heard the Phrase “Black Lives Matter” until he became POTUS and he himself, Clinton and Soros have openly and verbally pushed the demonstrators and rioters, to continue their law breaking tactics, to Destroy Trump. ….. Straight from OBOZO’s mouth encouraging them, during speeches, while speaking in other countries. over the last few months.

    He is not a President,,,, It is a Dictator,,,,, His agenda, is to divide this country, into many different factions (Anti-American), instead of standing tall as J.F.K. and Martin Luther King did to bring everyone together. (The fact is: All Lives Matter…..) May God use his powers, as he see’s fit,to remove Obama, from POTUS, this country and existence. It should not be done by any human, patriot or true believer in the laws of this country. Like I said, leave it in the hands of God, who Obama does not believe in.

    It’s time to make AMERICA, strong, just and a true leader again. God Bless America !

  7. Catherine

    Look carefully at the gloved hands of the Marines ordered to attend. I can see at least two gloves where the curled hands are not *quite* flat. It looks, in those cases, that roughly where the middle finger is is *very* slightly less-curled than the others.

    Two instances of a very surreptitious bird to the chief un-commander? It makes me smile to think so.

  8. Mt Woman

    What a joke!! This is an insult to the honorable and valorous marines in the gym. It also seems impossible that no one showed to observe this display of self-promotion. If it was closed to the public it seems they could have held this in the officers club.