Obama Announces Surrender Date

Posted December 1st, 2009 by Iron Mike

What can I say tonight Americans, – except Gawd-damn – that was dreadful!

No Joy

No Joy

After waiting over three months to make a decision [and revel in our “anticipation”] Obama flew to West Point to use the United States Military Academy as a legitimizing backdrop for his Afghan surge speech.  For once he didn’t position troops or cadets behind him.  Good thing too, because the roving cameras caught many of them nodding off.

OK,  Obama is grudgingly sending 30,000 troops – about half of what McChrystal wants,  – and they’re coming four months late.  But what came through to me tonight is that this pResident doesn’t understand the first thing about warfare.  He believes that one side [us / him] can decide when to end it and come home.  His imposition of the July 2011 timetable for “phased withdrawal” tells the whole world – and mostly the Taliban and al Qaeda – how long they need to stay in their caves and plan their return to Kandahar.

Worse, they now know that they can use our troops as training dummies – launching raids and ambushes to build up combat experience in their young recruits.  Now they know that towards Spring of 2011,  the Americans will be operating in a casualty-adverse mode, – i.e. clinging close to bases and outposts, and not pursuing Taliban raiding parties back into the hills.  This is exactly how US forces were operating in Vietnam in early 1972 – before the NVA attacked in full force with tank divisions and heat-seeking SA-7 Strella missiles,  sweeping close air support and air cavalry from the skies.

Another Long-Winded Lecture From Our Professor-in-Chief

Another Long-Winded Lecture From Our Professor-in-Chief

Let me be clear” he said several times, It’s a pet phrase.  But listening carefully I never heard Obama say “victory”.  He was careful to touch every base and issue close to liberal hearts,  including a renewed promise [sans date] to close Guantanamo.  Gee, where will we keep any Taliban we capture now?  Can anybody recommend a good hotel – facing east – say in midtown Manhattan?  Or will this be a game of catch-and–release?  Hey Troops – no punching these goons, OK?  Keep that Miranda card handy.

America, what we saw tonight was a reincarnation of LBJ after the Gulf of Tonkin.  This pResident lacks conviction and resolve, – his heart is not in this fight.  In fact I firmly believe his sympathies lie with the Taliban and al Qaeda, and with fundamental Islam in general.  So in Obama’s mind this “war” is a thing of limited commitment and duration, – just another government program to administer, – and to be sure it doesn’t sap too much money from his Socialist programs.  Tonight we saw a carefully written [long-winded] cover-my-ass pre-campaign speech,  not a Commander-in-Chief firmly resolved to lead his people to victory.



Instead our Professor-in-Chief, with his reluctance and lack of resolve so transparent tonight and his seemingly endless supply of words ringing so hollow that both cadets and their instructors were nodding off,  – has opened another door – one he totally does not understand.  He has just invited Russia’s Vladimir Putin to start doing to us what our CIA did to the Russians in the 1980s.  Expect to see very well equipped Taliban, maybe even downloading satellite images on laptops.  Payback is a Mother-#$%er!  Well Liberals, – your Man-God now owns this war,  and whatever comes after it!   God help our troops, and all of Afghanistan.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

3 Responses to “Obama Announces Surrender Date”

  1. DannaMarineMom

    Sickened – the way I feel as a MarineMom whose son gallantly served in Iraq and whose efforts at establishing dignity in a civilization who knew only forced submission is being eroded by Obama’s indecision and inaction day by day. Obama and his minions are crafting a fiasco, using our beloved troops who are apolitical, for his own ambitions.

    True service has no political party. Humility in service is demonstrated by our troops everyday – not just those in active duty, but the millions who participated in the emancipation of peoples of all races, creeds, and political bent.

    Truth-in-lending our troops ought to include the TRUTH of what our military services have provided to civilizations since the inception of this nation. Iron Mike and RR have not exaggerated the commission of treason by this supposed “American president.”

    Thank you for the history lessons that keep coming, Professors!


    Oh, and by the way, the posture and inattentiveness of these Cadets demonstrates the disingenuous words being uttered by a sitting president. Obama used our youngest warriors as pawns in his pomp and circumstance . . . not just those who have died and who serve moment by moment.

  2. B Howell

    DMM, beautiful!

    The only thing missing were the Greek columns. All show, no substance.