Obama: America’s Newest Gold Digger!

Posted April 28th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Remember when he said “…you’ve made enough money”?

Suddenly the “Community Organizer” is interested in Wealth Management HIS!

Two brief appearances – an hour with Cantor Fitzgerald ( a firm almost wiped out by the 9/11 attack) – and another 90 minute sit-down with long-time admirer “Historian” Doris Kearns Goodwin,….$400,000.oo each…..

Hypocrisy,  – let me count thy dollar signs….

If you’ve forgotten Obama’s campaign words…..here is the 30-second clip:

And we pay for his security detail….and for his wife,…and his kids….

…while somewhere a LibTurd is worried that Trump might make a buck if you,  – or somebody from a foreign country,  – stays at one of his hotels….

7 Responses to “Obama: America’s Newest Gold Digger!”

  1. Hawk1776

    Who can blame him? My rate for a sit-down is $500K. Dial 1-800-FOR-SALE.

  2. Kojack

    Correction – COMMUNTY AGITATOR. I’m sure he’s teaching them the strategies that made him a “success”. You know, like, SPENDING YOUR WAY OUT OF DEBT, STRATEGIC PATIENCE and LEADING FROM BEHIND.

  3. Ironic Mike

    At least he had the decency to wait until he was out of office and is taking the money from private corporations. Trump and the kids are backing up the truck for public funds while sitting in the Whitehouse.

    Can you even imagine what you would be writing about Hillary if she owned Mara Lago and went there every weekend, and gave Chelsea a whitehouse desk, and Bill was still living in NYC at huge cost to the taxpayers.

    What a hypocrite you are.

  4. #blackgunsmatter

    How is that so? Trump signed over his businesses to his children. Unlike Hillary and Obama’s kids, Trump has COMPETENT famity members that can contribute. Hillary has a spoiled daughter and a rapist Husband, BJ Clinton. Get lost, troll.

  5. GreenBeretLTC

    Hey, Ironic Mike: White House is two words….

  6. #blackgunsmatter

    Hi GreenBeretLTC,

    Good catch! These moonbats amaze me. They troll blogs such as this and offer no real solutions, just hate and utter incompetence. I follow Trump on Twitter and it disgusts me how the left trolls him, insults his family, etc.

    I’m fired up more than ever…disgusted with the way the media, RINOs and libs have treated the man. Iron Mike is right, our job did not end with the election of Mr. Trump. We need to persist and keep our guard up. Take care.


  7. Sherox

    What could anyone, no matter if they were Einstein, impart that is worth $400,000?