Obama Abandons Iraq – AGAIN!

Posted May 28th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Our Blamer-in-Chief blames the VICTIM!
Obama Blames the VICTIM

Ya just gotta ask:  – HOW does this make us more secure?   What allies will trust us NOW?

What possible END GAME is Obama pursuing?

This is nothing less than giving ISIS forces in Ramadi the GREEN LIGHT to drive on into Baghdad, then south to Kuwait.

Brace for a flood of refugees – first into Kuwait, then into Saudi Arabia,…then here!

I guess the Iraqis didn’t contribute enough to the “Barack & Michelle Obama World Relief Foundation”,…there’s nothing in it for Obama to risk defending the country.

ISIS Advance

Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon,  Israel, Egypt, and Turkey are all in peril.

And 10 years from now he’ll still be blaming everything on Bush…

Maybe this bloody remaking of the map is intended to be his ‘legacy’?

AND,…if you think for a moment that Putin, the Chinese, and the NorKs haven’t been watching Obama’s ongoing display of craven cowardice and blame casting,…you’re clearly getting your news from Josh Earnest,  Chris Matthews,  George Stephanopoulos,  and Judy Woodruff!

In other words,  – you’re a deliberate political idiot!

4 Responses to “Obama Abandons Iraq – AGAIN!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Slight correct. ISIL is the Iraqis fight, the White House talking heads never use the acronym ISIS. The blame the Iragis, they blame George Bush, who to them and their cultists, is responsible for all things that they will not take responsibility.

  2. MC

    Zero announces that Iraq will have no help on the ground… That he won’t be sucked into a ground war…

    That sounds like a invitation to ISIS to me. How long before we have another attempt or major incident in this country…?

    Then the news banner is that the FBI asks local enforcement to help tracks local ISIS members.

    We can’t/won’t even secure our border, – yet we send them a challenge?!?!

  3. Vic

    What a way to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the Democrats throwing South Vietnam to the wolves. History is being repeated. Expect the return of Disco next.

  4. Mark

    Under iSlum, if everyone on planet earth dies except for 1 mUslime. iSlum wins. They want to win, that’s all folks.