Obama: “Post-Racial” Fraud

Posted July 22nd, 2010 by Iron Mike

It ~ may ~ have been a little bit luck, and certainly a little skepticism, but I am so glad RRB didn’t run with the Shirley Sherrod story.  But even before the dust settles on Shirley,  her “new” job,  and her possible lawsuits, – I will comment on the MUCH BIGGER story – the total fraud of our so-called “first post-racial president”.  It’s a fraud.  It always was.

I remember back to the spring and summer of 2008, when Obama’s books were flying off the shelves.  Democrats and liberals were in near-euphoria.  At last – a Black President!   All the Nation’s old scars from slavery to Jim Crow – to the Civil rights 60s would be smoothed over and healed.  Hozzahana!  [Just don’t ask about his documentation, – you racist!]

There were clues available in those books, – but nobody was actually reading them. 

‘I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites”. 

‘There was something about him that made me wary, a little too sure of himself, maybe. And white . . .

Now just 18 months into Obama’s pResidency, we see a much clearer picture.  Obama is a man whose entire life seems to be wrapped in the inner conflict bequeathed him by his white Kansas liberal mother and his black Kenyan communist father.  It forms the basis for his socialist views of wealth redistribution, and may form the basis of his embrace of both Islam and Black Liberation Theology.  It has formed the basis of his views of Justice and guided his hand in the execution of his duties as our Chief Law Enforcement Officer.  Thus far he’s really made a botch of it.

First you were told that somehow Obama had attended Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years and not heard a single racist word from the reverend.  Yeah, right!

One of Obama’s first appointments was Attorney General Eric Holder.  Holder is a mental light-weight, unable to think or act on his own, – but totally willing to be the junior partner to Obama’s racial vendettas.  Holder mostly avoids public statements – with good reason.

In a February 2009 speech he called us “a nation of cowards”.  He announced that KSM and the 9/11 plotters would be tried in NYC,  and later under great pressure reversed himself.  He called the Arizona Immigration Law “racist” – then admitted he hadn’t read it.   He has since sued Arizona to overturn or nullify it.  But even with videotape evidence, he failed to finish the prosecution of the New Black Panthers in the Philadelphia voter intimidation case. 

Obama then hired radical activist and avowed communist Van Jones to be his “Green Jobs Czar”.  Among his many controversial statements are “…it is literally impossible for most white people to hear people of color speak about our pain, just literally impossible”  and on 9/11 he wrote to then Governor Eliot Spitzer demanding an “ immediate inquiry into evidence that suggests high-level government officials may have deliberately allowed the September 11th attacks to occur”.  And “The white polluters and the white environmentalists are essentially steering poison into the people of color’s communities because they don’t have a racial justice frame.”  

The real question for me is “exactly what was Obama’s objective in hiring Jones?”  Since Jones had no special experience in green jobs other than claiming to evangelize for them,  he could not have been the most qualified.  Then why hire him, except that he is Black,  is brashly controversial,  and Obama wanted to make a statement?  There were available at least 10,000 better qualified executives, most with some green experience.  At least 100, maybe as many as 1000 were Black.  So why Jones?  Maybe it was that Communist thing? 

Anyway, by early September ’09 the outcry was deafening.  Obama tossed Jones under the bus and never looked back.  ObamaBuddies Beware!  We will see this maneuver employed many times between now and November 2012. 

The Cambridge Police … acted stupidly”  Barely six (6) months in office and Obama had his first major foot-in-mouth moment.  Naturally it concerned a black man and an arresting white police sergeant in Cambridge, MA – the left ventricle in the bleeding heart of American Liberalism.  Obama’s blurted statement – quickly proven totally wrong by audiotapes, – revealed on national television that his first instinct is to fault white policemen in any dustup

A White House beer summit did little to repair the image of a president steeped in racial stereotypes, and this began to peel the layers off the onion.  In fact, the beer summit – meant as damage control, only served to highlight the president’s knee-jerk racist reaction. 

Within weeks Democratic operatives including some-time actress Janeane Garofalo were calling the growing TEA Party movement “Racists”.  Nobody in the MSM would challenge these assertions for the remainder of 2009.  By March of this year the hype had continued.  Democratic Congressmen John Lewis and Emanuel Cleaver claimed to have been spat upon and called “Nigger” by a TEA Party crowd.  Strangely a standing $100K reward for proof has gone unclaimed.  I can only assume that if there is proof,  Eric Holder’s Justice Department would be all over it.  But they’re busy suing Arizona.

Last week, just a day after a major speech by Michelle Obama, the NAACP issued a fatwa calling [some] TEA Party leaders racist.  Many observers thought it a feeble attempt to bolster a sagging and aging membership.  Was their timing accidental – or orchestrated?  In any event – it would shortly prove to be very bad timing

Because earlier this week an edited video went viral on the internet.  It appeared to show Shirley Sherrod a Dept Agriculture official and NAACP member admitting to having shafted a white farmer in Georgia years ago. 

Suddenly very gun shy on all issues of “racism”,  “somebody” at the White House had Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack fire the lady – quite literally as she drove home.  Two days later – having viewed the complete unedited video, there was a big “Oh Shit!” moment at 1600, and Vilsack called with a better job offer. 

But the damage is done.  The White House is now denying that it was involved [oh certainly not the pResident – heavens no], and they had Baghdad Bob Gibbs issue some idiot remarks about “it was a teaching moment”.   This story has legs, because Ms. Sherrod was raked over national coals, and she’s already won one lawsuit against the government. 

Obama has been shown to be a racist, someone willing to toss allies under the bus, and a knee-jerk reactor who is anything but a calm, steady hand at the helm of state

He is anything BUT our first post-racial president.  He may be the worst racist we’ve had since Woodrow Wilson.  The “Hope” was hype, and the “Change” is change for the worse.

It will take our next real president years to undo all the damage this fraud had done.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

This Iowa TEA Party billboard was taken down.  Some wanted to claim it is racist.  It’s not.  It DOES compare Obama’s socialist policies and his socialist views on the role of government with other known world socialists.  It may be stark and harsh, – but when you consider Obama’s “spread the wealth around” views, and his steady federal takeover of private business and industry,  it’s right on target.

2 Responses to “Obama: “Post-Racial” Fraud”

  1. Dogmeat

    I want to take this opportunity to thank the Tea Party for electing Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown since he voted for the Financial Reform Bill and help the President of the United States with another legislative victory, thank you Tea Party. Have you heard of “Unintended Consequences” or “Blowback”? Was he working for the Tea Party, himself or our Country, hmmm only you can answer this one?

    The problem is this. Tea Party candidates will win a number of these congressional races because local districts are often safely partisan in nature. They can make their wild, unfounded claims, crazy accusations, etc., and win. That means not only are we likely to see an increase in Republican seats in both houses, we’re likely to see more antics, more insanity, more stupidity. At the same time they’re going to do everything they can to derail Obama’s policies which will likely mean high unemployment, a moribund economy, and more compromises on policy positions that make no one happy.

    That could literally mean that if the Republicans put up a legitimate candidate in 2012, they could win. Such a result is bad enough, but the likely response for the Democrats is to move further to the “middle” to placate voters. As we’ve seen over the last decade, the “middle” in American politics is basically on the verge of being an 80s Republican. Increasingly that means we’ll have a political landscape of a conservative party and ratfuck insane parties. The former, given it’s track record, slowly moving to the right, the latter, given it’s track record, loudly screaming “socialism, communism, fascism!!!”

    If we continue on this course, privatization will be socialism.

  2. asusue

    Anybody paying attention knew there would be nothing post racial about it. It was just a set up for the progressives to push through their agenda. He could do whatever he wanted and nobody could say anything against him without being called a racist. That was why I was so glad to have Michael Steele. He, being a black man, could say things against the policies without being tarred with the epithet racist. What a disappointment he has turned out to be.