Obama’s Torture Team

Posted August 28th, 2009 by Iron Mike

WARNING!  This is an UGLY subject Americans.  I’m about to turn some of your stomachs.  But we have got to talk about all of this in real-world terms,  – not parrot MSM hyperbole.

The Obama administration has announced several moves in the past week. First, Obama’s legalized hit-man Attorney General Eric Holder will pursue criminal prosecutions on CIA agents who questioned al Qaeda and Taliban terrorists.  He has always hated the agency and I warned last fall that he intended to neuter it.   Second, the White House announced that the CIA will no longer question high-value terrorists.  That task will now fall to Obama’s hand-picked interrogation team.

With these two moves,  Obama has just sent al Qaeda the GREEN LIGHT to begin planning and executing their next 9/11.  Why you ask?  I submit that he has secretly been on their side all along.  Doubt me if you will,  but be prepared for horrific events over the next decade.  Remember it took years for them to plan, recruit, and train the twenty 9/11 hijackers.

TORTURE: Waterboarding, mock executions, holding a pistol or an electric drill near somebody’s head, or blowing cigarette smoke at them is NOT torture!  The results you get might not be admissible in a civil or criminal trial,  – but terrorists are NOT entitled to American justice.  They are entitled to military tribunals.

One long dark night in Vietnam I was an accidental witness to real torture. The memory remains seared in my brain, – and I can vividly recall almost every minute of it. [For the record I was in no position to interfere or stop it, and might have been killed had I tried.]  The victim was a known VC cadre who had finally been caught after a multi-year search.  His questioners wanted names – all the names.  Over eight long hours they slowly dismembered him,  – and slowly he gave them every name they wanted,  even as he begged them to kill him.  Mercy came at first light.

Did this workAbsolutely!!  A few months later – in April ’72 – when the NVA came rolling in with tanks,  radar-guided AAA and heat-seeking SA7s,  – there were zero VC left to rise up and help them.  None!  The VC had all been hunted down and eliminated.  If only we’d been as thorough up north!

CruDismembering someone is torture. Dismembering or raping your family in front of you is torture.  Spooning out your eyeballs or turning you into a eunuch is torture.  Leaving you staked out on an anthill is torture.  Skinning you alive – a famous Chinese communist trick – is torture.  Dragging you behind a vehicle is torture. Crucifixion – as was done to Jesus and to Spartacus – is torture.  In their cases the objective was not information, – but simply an object lesson to the larger population.

Similarly, Obama’s objective now is not to prove that he can get information from terrorists by some cleaver and more humane and “legal” method.  He is simply issuing an object lesson to all of America’s military and intelligence agencies,  – that he DOESN’T want Islamic terrorists questioned by anybody other than his chosen team of  kid-glove “specialists”.  He is turning our entire intelligence machine – still recovering from the devastation for the Frank Church days – into a pack of eunuchs.  I warned you about this last fall.  Now it’s here.

Several groups are rejoicing.  First are the various branches of al Qaeda. They still risk having their people captured, – but will not have to cancel or alter operations for fear of having a captured brother spill the beans. Their beans will be safe. Second, all the one-world left-wing socialist nut jobs who hate the thought of a powerful America and want to see us humbled are celebrating the beginning of the end.

Your pResident – who twice falsely swore an oath to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution from all enemies” – is now deliberately violating his oath. He is opening our windows, unlocking our gates and doors, – and actually inviting the next series of attacks. Who among you still believe that he is an American patriot?  Really? You’re living in a Peter Pan world.  You should be both very angry, – and fearful.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

One Response to “Obama’s Torture Team”

  1. MC

    Your post is very accurate, but think you should take it one step further. What torture does the al Qaeda effect have on others: Let’s see: Hanging upside down from a ceiling for hours/ days on end, hanging by elbows by means of a pipe for days. They aren’t above using batteries and cables to parts of the body. If you don’t talk fast enough they can always put your feet in water. Blow torches to the skin leave a searing effect. Wonder what they used meat cleavers, wire cutters, vises and various forms of whips/hoses/chains for. The clothes iron to the skin definitely would take out creases. A victim would be lucky if they only broke an arm or fingers. These folks took the history of medieval torture to an art form.

    What the Iranians did to the young protestors is worse than anything we did a Gitmo. Many of those young kids got whipped, beaten, raped, had the webs between their fingers cut, – and this was only for protesting in the streets.

    Blowing smoke, threatening to put someone in a room with an insect, BOY I imagine they would be really scared. Remember the 4 Uighers released to Bermuda? Those folks were really thin and skinny and looked terrible.. NOT!

    We have become the laughing stock to the terrorist community. Now we have an administration who wants to prosecute the folks who have keep our country safe. What alternative would they have wanted to happen? Another 911?