Obama’s Recovery Summer Sucked!

Posted August 30th, 2010 by Iron Mike

When people are out of work, unable to pay bills and mortgage payments, and holding yard sales to raise a little back-to-school cash, – it’s not nice to say “See, I told you so!

But when their cars are still sporting Obama ’08 stickers, – it is very hard to resist. Does that make me evil or human? 

So the “Stimulus” [aka the Porkulus] has come and gone – and I have yet to hear of a single private sector job created.  Cash for Clunkers is history – really bad history.  State unemployment which was up to 10.4% at Christmas has come down to 8.8% last month.  August figures will be out Friday.

But this was the first summer when local kids had a tough time getting work. The usual stores, businesses, and contractors who would reliably hire kids just weren’t hiring. Instead owners worked extra hours, brought family members in to help, did not take vacations weeks off, and kept cash flow to a minimum.

This was a summer of empty store fronts all across the State. 

So here in Mass-a-TWO-shits, and across the land, the economy is flat, or shrinking, and today Obama went on TV trying to blame the Republicans for holding up a $35 Billion small business loan bill.  Right Barry, – your $836 Billion union payoff didn’t do diddly, so you want to blame Republicans because you can’t dole out another $36 Billion to inner city banks for loans which will never be repaid?

Look at the chart.  Remember the period of the Clinton presidency – 1993 – 2001 coincides with what we call the “tech bubble” or the “DotCom Bubble“.

Here in Massachusetts those were the years when tons of venture capital was pouring into any software startup company that promised gold for being able to do business on the internet. When reality sunk in it had nothing to do with politics, or that Gore lost the 2000 Election in Dade County.  It had everything to do with the cold hard fact of too much money recklessly invested in software pipe dreams.

During those years Massachusetts software companies spent a LOT of money importing and sponsoring foreign software engineers [straight A students] for Green Cards.

America’s sub-standard union-powered school systems just weren’t delivering either quality or quantity. Now with unemployment at 10+% nationwide, that issue has taken a back seat – but it still lurks like a dagger pointed at our national survival.

Today many / most of those imported straight-A engineers are still employed – while many of their B- American counterparts are emailing résumés.

Companies which were becoming successful in DotCom enterprise software were also learning to ship work to India – where a reasonably competent programmer could be hired for about 15% of the cost of a snot-nosed uppity MIT grad.

Computer manufacturers were also moving manufacture and assembly plants to Asia. Chinese container ships were cheaper to rent than American office space, and the workers weren’t demanding Starbucks.

So despite the shock of 9/11, and two wars, both George Bush, Congress, and a couple of Republican governors here in Massachusetts managed to mostly keep the lid on taxes and spending.  And although George did sound a series of warnings, nobody wanted to believe that there was another bloated bubble threatening to burst – the housing bubble.

So 2008 came with some ugly surprises.

The housing bubble did in fact burst, and Barrack Obama edged out Hillary and was elected pResident. On November 5th, 2008 investor confidence bottomed out – and unemployment took off like a runaway rocket – even before Obama was sworn in.  He’ll spend the rest of his life telling you about the “mess he inherited“.  

It’s hardly so.  It’s the mess that his known preferences for grandiose socialist solutions to simple supply / demand economics created.  The dread that investors have of sailing in a ship overloaded with worthless ballast, waves of debt breaking over the gunnels, and the crew sitting around waiting for somebody else to man the pumps and the sails.

In just weeks unemployment shot up to over 8% – and to over 10% in just a year – despite that $836 Stimulus.

But Obama shown no signs of relenting in his campaign to spread your wealth around. He wants that additional $36 Billion in voter bribe money before October.  You watch his ranting ratchet up in the next three weeks.

And those of you who are old enough to remember – think back to October 1992 – when having just defeated Saddam Hussein – George H. W. Bush [aka Bush ’41] had to listen to the Dems mocking him “It’s the ECONOMY Stupid!”  Unemployment then was at 8% and coming down smartly. Clinton’s election made it instantly jump to 9%.

So when you see Niki Tsongas, Jim McGovernment, Barney Frank, et al, tell ’em “It’s the ECONOMY Stupid – and you haven’t got a friggin’ CLUE about how to fix it!


HERE IS A CLUE:   Toss the Democrats/Socialists OUT.  Elect Conservatives / Republicans.  Demand lower taxes, lower spending, and an end of payoffs to socialist unions, like the SEIU and the various teacher unions.

HERE’S ANOTHER CLUE:  A government CANNOT make jobs. But it CAN make it cheaper for Americans to make stuff here than to ship it over here on Chinese container ships.  See if you can embed that single thought into the brains of your Democrat neighbors between now and November 1st.

Do it with urgency, or NEXT summer will be far worse!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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