Obama’s Premonition?

Posted July 7th, 2009 by Iron Mike

In addition to his World Socialist Vision, does Obama have a Dark Premonition?

 Hello Americans, thanks for clicking in today!

 LEGAL CAVEAT HERE:  In this or any other writing I am in NO WAY advocating any sort of violence toward our 44th pResident.  That would be illegal, and I know it.  I don’t want any harm to come to Obama [my Gawd, look who our VP is!],  – at least not until he has been afforded a legal trial with competent defense counsel, is convicted, and had his appeals exhausted.   Then I’d like to see him duly hung along with his entourage of guilty co-conspirators for massive financial fraud, election fraud, lying under oath, grand theft, aiding and abetting America’s enemies, and treason.  But having lived through the assassination of JFK, and the attempts on Ford and Reagan, – it would be an academic omission not to consider some “what if” possibilities. 

So we have watched Obama blunder through the various public acts of governing for some 168 days.  The results are under-whelming by Democrat standards and disastrous by any Republican measure. 

Grudgingly, leading Dems are acknowledging that the TARP and the “Stimulusplans aren’t working, – that business remains cowering, waiting for the next shoe to drop, and unemployment is slowly growing.  There are no summer jobs for our inner city youth.  While Obama hints at wanting another [larger] stimulus package,  even most Dems are now reluctant to champion it.   It has taken this long for the enormity of the first blunder to register, and that’s if you want to call it merely a “blunder”. 

Many Republicans feel like I do, – that Obama’s real plan is to begin bankrupting our country, – to put our most productive and most profitable industries under socialist government control, – and to eviscerate BOTH America’s wealthy and our working middle classes.  The evidence suggests that he is succeeding faster than he could have ever imagined. 

What has me writing this piece is the frenetic pace – the utter frenzy of activity which Obama propels himself from day to day, photo-op to photo-op, capital to capital.   If narcissism is a drug,  then he has ingested massive doses.  He seems to find at least two camera opportunities each day, but often there are a full half-dozen. 

He quickly came to love flying in Marine One and Air Force One, and he seems to enjoy his weekends at Camp David.  He demands the full pomp and circumstance, and “Hail to the Chief” at every opportunity – in marked contrast to the two Bushes – who often made low-key entrances.  They didn’t crave the emotional boost.

So why the frenzy?  Why the rush to push unread laws through Congress, – to take center stage around the country, and around the world?   Why the rush to forcibly undo decades – even generations – of American power and American policy?  Does Obama feel that his time might be limited?  Is he harboring a premonition?

If so, – we should be aware, and concerned.  Many of history’s key players did harbor premonitions.  A key piece of evidence is the regularity and rapidity with which dictators such as Lenin,  Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, and Saddam  purged their inner circles of advisors.  Obama seems to cast off long-time friends and associates with barely a wave goodbye.  Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, and Deval Patrick are left dust-covered in the road.  Does Obama secretly feel that his life is a fast-burning candle, – and he must work fast to destroy the America he grew up hating?  Are we watching a man who believes he is acting out his final days?  Does he really think he is the new JFK, and thus destined to only be president for a thousand days? 

We are raised to respect authority.  Most Americans are loath, – or unequipped – to actually question authority.  Many Americans never knew for the entire 13 years of his presidency that FDR was a wheelchair bound cripple.  Many never knew that Harry Truman had only a high school education,  or that Jimmy Carter had never really commanded a nuclear submarine.  Americans in general and Democrats in particular want to trust this president, – even as their jobs are disappearing, and their retirement funds have been ravaged.  After all, he’s not Bush, right?

So what is going on inside the head of Barack Obama that we don’t know?  This is far worse than Bill Clinton’s serial groping of any available woman.  What is driving Obama to this frenzy of activity – so much of it merely ceremonial, – lacking any real thought or substance?  Is it the drug of narcissism, – his seething hatred of our country, – or a dark premonition?   We need to know, and we need to understand the implications. 

Today America is focused on saying final good-bys to another highly talented yet deeply troubled and self-destructive black man.  Michael Jackson merely destroyed himself,  and tarnished only those who chose to associate with him – and those three children who probably aren’t his own.  But Obama is tearing apart our entire nation,  and all Americans better come to understand it quickly.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

2 Responses to “Obama’s Premonition?”

  1. Leon Humphreys

    ………..and how does he get all our Reps to just fall before him without a peep!? It’s absolutely mind boggling!

  2. ironmike

    Hi Leon,

    The long answer goes back some 45 years – and is too long for discussion here.

    The short answer is that Americans became both complacent and disenchanted and maybe jaded during the years of our social revolution – the 60s and 70s. Drugs, sex, and Rock’n Roll were paramount, and they eschewed politics in general, and national politics in particular. Quietly many actually grew up, found employment, started families, and moved into bigger homes than they’d been raised in.

    Carefully schooled in taxpayer-funded public schools by socialist-leaning unionized teachers whose primary objective was to sell [embed] a particular vein of political correctness, – they did not object when their own kids were being similarly indoctrinated. The primary tenant was that White, Christian, male-dominated, industrialized, capitalist America has been a BAD THING, – and it must be changed.

    So mostly they paid little attention to who or what got elected to Congress. How else do you explain idiots like Murtha, Biden, and now Franken, – or whores like Barney Frank [ran a call-boy business from his DC apartment] Pelosi, Kerry, Dodd, Kennedy, Kennedy, Boxer, Obama, etc, etc. ? American voters don’t pay real attention until they are walking into the polling places.

    When Obama appeared at the 2004 DNC, two full generations of young [under 50] voters were ready, – all with almost ZERO memory of life under LBJ and Jimmy Carter. Seeing a black politician who was NOT Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton, – they were ready with their Pavlovian response, “Give the Black Guy a chance, – it’s his turn!

    David Axelrod actually tested the concept by getting Deval “Deer-in-the-headlights” Patrick elected governor here in Massachusetts. Any challenge to Patrick’s qualifications, – and last year to Obama’s was met with the cry “Racism!” The whole thing worked like a charm.

    And to a frighteningly large degree, – it’s still working. People are already afraid of having ACORN goons come to the door during next year’s census.

    Please help us fight back and reclaim the House during next year’s mid-terms. Organize your friends, and talk to as many young voters as you can. A 17-yr-old today will be able to vote next year!

    /s/ Iron Mike