Obama’s Plot Has Begun To Work

Posted October 6th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Evil Is Upon Us!

Hello Americans,

I have said for over a year that Obama’s goal goes well beyond simply being our pResident.   Being our first Black pResident means very little to him.   His vision, and his plans go well beyond America.   Undoing us is only a necessary first step.

The bi-polar Cold War world I spent much of my life in essentially ended with the collapse of the Berlin Wall.  The USSR then imploded on itself,  crushed by the financial burden of maintaining itself as a nuclear superpower and communist police state.   For the last two decades we’ve watched the fleet of once feared Russian submarines rusting in deserted naval bases as the Russian economy began to be dominated by viscous entrepreneuring gangsters.  Chief among these is a former KGB thug – Vladimir Putin,  a man best described as a 21st Century War Lord. 

A very short year ago our country was in the process of being taken over by a thug of a different kind.  Obama appealed to many younger Americans as the fulfillment of post-racial dream,  – a color-blind America.  Carefully package with a disarming smile,  well versed in the technology of the web, Facebook and Twitter,  with no written history to be examined, – he glided to victory on a cushion of Hope and Change.  He was aided and abetted by a very wealthy ardent socialist, George Soros, and by our corrupt and decaying Fourth Estate. 

Obama promised “Transformational Change”, – and nobody dared ask him what he really meant.   Joe the Plumber managed to get him to leak a big clue,  – but our inept media and our enthralled naïve young voters ignored the lurking truth behind those casual words “spread the wealth around”. 

Our election cycle “coincided” with the beginnings of an economic recession,  – one which I will always believe was engineered in part by Soros [and unseen accomplices] to set the stage for Obama’s election and takeover of our country.  There were hints aplenty as to our future,  such as when Rahm Emanuel explained a tenant of “Change” when he explained “. . . never let a crisis go to waste!” 

We were already up to our belts in deep shit, – but almost nobody believed it.  Now,  a year later, Trillions of borrowed dollars later,  9.8% unemployed later,  ObamaCare town halls later, and a LOT of Americans are starting to see – and to fear – the ‘Change’ that Soros, Obama, Emanuel, Axelrod, and Jarrett have been planning. Have you noticed that nobody is trying to sell you ‘Hope’ anymore?

BRITAIN G20 PALACEObama has been very busy.   He’s been around the world apologizing for the country he now leads.   He’s blown off friends like Israel, Poland, the Czech Republic, England, Germany, and France.   He has bowed to the Wahhabi king of Saudi Arabia,  accepted a book from Hugo Chavez,  is campaigning to have Zelaya reseated in Honduras,  and done nothing except some perfunctory puffing at North Korea and Iran.  Since appointing General Stan McChrystal to lead our war in Afghanistan,  he’s had just one (1) phone conversation and one (1) 20-minute meeting with him.

Why?  Obama [and Soros] fully understand that perception becomes reality.  If the USA is perceived as weak, inept, and unreliable as an ally,  – the world will disrespect us and allies will disengage from us.   Obama wants us weakened to the point of being ineffectual.   Part of that was the borrowing of Trillions to finance the TARP, the takeovers of GM, Chrysler, AIG and the banks, and to extend unemployment benefits for up to a year.   Obama’s scheme to morph our world-leading health care industry into socialized medicine – ObamaCare – is simply a smoke screen for his other nefarious activities.  Sure, if he can pull it off it will speed up the crumbling of America, but the real intent is as a distraction,  – just as when a magician tells the audience to ‘keep looking at the hat’.

hitler_hindenburgObama [and Soros] want the American economy so damaged, unemployment so high, and our dollar so devalued that panicked and desperate Americans will ignore or even rejoice when he assumes dictatorial powers – in a move which will closely resemble Germany on March 24th 1933. 

Hitler in 33Yesterday there was a news story about the Gulf Arab states, China, Japan, Russia and France meeting secretly to stop trading crude oil for US Dollars.   This morning those nations are denying the story.   It doesn’t really matter,  because if it didn’t happen yesterday, – very soon it will happen.  Obama and Soros have worked very hard to make our currency worthless.   This was the situation in Germany in 1932/33.   This was the situation in the USSR in 1991. 

obama posingI know this scenario seems a bit like science fiction,  too sinister to be anything but a bad movie.  But look at how incredibly fast these events have fallen into place.   When have we ever had a president who was so totally disengaged and disinterested in the conduct of an ongoing war?   When have we ever had a president who appointed a platoon of ‘Czars’,  – or who so blithely spent your money by the hundred-Billion and even Trillions?   Have we ever had a president insist that captured pirates and terrorists be Mirandized,  or one willing to bring the most evil among them onto our shores?   When have we ever had a president who actually loathed and despised the country he was elected to lead? 

I am still bound by my oath to defend our Constitution from all enemies, foreign or domestic.  Americans, if you understand the danger we now face,  please start talking to those who are still in denial.

    /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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