Obama’s Plan For A Socialist America (Parts I & II)

Posted August 15th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Hello Americans!    To fully understand what I am about to say, – you may want to refresh your understanding of the differences between Socialism and Communism.  Some are subtle,  while others are quite marked.  Both political philosophies absolutely hate capitalism, royalty, current ruling or politically dominant classes, and the accumulation of wealth by either royalty or private citizens.

After watching the man’s public actions since he burst onto our national stage in Boston at the 2004 DNC,  I am totally convinced that Barack Obama is in no part or measure a Democrat, – but rather a Socialist masquerading as a Democrat.

To understand Obama, you have to examine the parts of his life we know about.  His mother was something of a cross between a hippy and a communist activist.  She seems to have reveled in behaving outrageously, to include her choice of “husbands”.

Tragically for Obama, and for us, – both men she chose ended up abandoning her and little Barack.  Yet Barack identifies more with those black men who abandoned him than his white grandparents who took him in and raised him.  Whatever emotions were swirling in that young boy’s head,  somehow out of it all grew a need to assert his blackness, – and a deep suspicion and resentment for white people.  He wrote about it in both of his books, – but it became starkly visible for all to see during his “Sergeant Crowley moment”.  Hearing black man and white cop, his mind was already made up.  At his core your current pResident is a latent racist.

Growing up in Indonesia and later Hawaii, – we can assume that Obama’s life was one of minimal materialism and probably some pretty lean times.  Somehow he didn’t equate these hardships to his mother’s life choices, – but came to resent our American system of government, economics, and our capitalist society in general for his family hardships.  A daily dose of communist indoctrination from mommy probably helped embed these views.

The end result was made pretty clear a year ago in his encounter with Joe the Plumber, when he said, “we have to spread the wealth around”.  It was a totally revealing moment, which most Democrats ignored, and which most Socialists revealed in.  By this point, Obama was enjoying rock-star / godlike status with them, and sending chills up Chris Matthew’s leg.

But of all things,  Obama does intend to spread the wealth around!  In his view nobody – not an inventor, not a CEO, not a movie star, or a venture capitalist or even a sports star should ever make more than $1 million a year.  Socialists know that they cannot raise the living status of the lowest socioeconomic groups by government-run social programs, education, health care, jobs, and new homes alone.  So they have created some myths to camouflage their actions.  These include the myths that people have:

       – a “right to own a home” – regardless of ability to buy one.

       – a “right to a good job” – despite lacking education, skills, or work ethic.

       – a “right to high quality health care” – regardless of income or drug-addicted lifestyles.

What should really alarm America’s working middle class is that Obama’s socialist co-conspirators are now floating the idea that your 401K and 529 funds may amount to “ill-gotten gains”,  – and that these funds should be taken by government and “spread around” to folks “who never had a chance to have savings and investment programs of their own”.

Far-fetched?  Would you have believed just four years ago that a sitting president would / could fire the CEO of General Motors?

USEFUL IDIOTS:  This is a term perhaps first used by Vladimir Lenin to described people who would come to Russia in the 20s and praise the Communist Movement.  Today’s useful idiots are the ObamaDolts and ObamaCons who believe the “Change” Obama promised is a good thing, that it will simply remove some of the roadblocks poor people experience in their quest for upward mobility.  It is exactly the willingness of both the urban poor and the suburban / campus middle classes to believe this myth that make them Obama’s “useful idiots” – his eager and willing stooges.

Obama probably isn’t a communist in the Leninist – Stalinist model.  I see him much more the socialist fascist in the Mussolini – Hitler mode.  The key difference is that Hitler and Mussolini were national socialists, – Obama is an international socialist.  Thus we see him trying his speaking skills out before various international audiences, beginning last summer in Berlin.  His vision and his plans extend far beyond our shores.  Exactly like Hitler, his need for attention – his narcissism – knows no bounds.  We can only pray this fatal flaw will prove his undoing.

– – – Part II – posted Monday, 17 August 2009 – – –


 1.  Elimination and humbling of all wealthy people by massive taxation and when necessary – confiscation of wealth and property.

2.  Elevating poor people by simply giving them homes, cars, food, health care, and even a paid higher education.  Work will not be required, – except political work.  Look for creation of that “Civilian Defense Force” he let slip in Boulder last year.  This will be the American equivalent of the Nazi SA – the Brown Shirts.  ACORN is its forerunner.

3.  Government ownership of all major parts of the economy – energy companies, manufacturing, transportation, health and pharmaceutical industries, food production, processing and distribution, broadcasting and entertainment, perhaps even sports franchises.  Look for Obama’s to vilify one industry after another as he attempts to gain control, – just as Hitler vilified the Jews.  Today it is insurance and drug companies.  Soon it will be Exxon and Gulf, – then Safeway, Kroger, and Wal-Mart.

4.  Altering our Constitution – perhaps by a new Constitutional Convention and referendum – to legalize his various power grabs.  Be alert for early attempts to repeal the 2nd and 22nd Amendments.  If elected to a second term, expect him to allow Sharia Law to be practiced in Muslim communities.

5.  Weakening and neutering of our military and intelligence assets to the point that we are co-equal with current third-world countries.  This is a key step in placing the USA under UN mandates.

6.  Opening our borders and rewarding immigrants.  Anything to make white Christians a minority here.

7.  Government dictated curriculum in the nation’s school systems.  Local school boards would be appointed by the equivalent of ACORN and the SEIU.

8.  Federal monitoring of all internet traffic and eventual confiscation of private weapons.  Expect a federal “reward” program for people who will tell the feds that you have a firearm in your home.  Expect outspoken Obama opponents, conservative judges, – and even former sycophants to meet untimely and suspicious ends.  Like Lenin, Stalin and Hitler,  Obama will eliminate all opposition and all contenders for power, friend, ally, and foe alike.


Think back to Germany in 1928 or 1929.  Thing were bad,  jobs were tough to find, inflation was rampant, and brawls in the streets between socialist, communists, democrats, and even royalists were common.  People were desperate for law and order, – and were willing to listen to anyone with a plan.

Hitler was a riveting public speaker with an ability to mesmerize crowds, and quite cunning in his use of Jew-baiting.  Always give the crowd somebody to blame

    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”

     “How fortunate for leaders that men do not think.”

     “All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.”

So, can it happen here?  It already is!   The questions for you is – do you see it yet?   And how many of Obama’s useful idiots can you shake out of their zombie-like trance before November 2010?

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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