Obama’s Payback – a Lesbian Supreme?

Posted May 10th, 2010 by Iron Mike


It looks like the GLBT Community – who so ferociously supported Obama – is about to get their reward – a gay Supreme!

Elena Kagan has been nominated to fill the seat of retiring Justice John Paul Stevens.  With very little paper trail, and never having been a judge, this looks like a flawed nomination on it’s face.  But what else would we expect from such a flawed pResident? 

So now the question will be is Ms. Kagan a highly intelligent, well-schooled, and well qualified impartial juror, [who ~ just happens ~ to be gay] deserving to sit for the next 35 years on our High Court?  Or as some evidence suggests, – is she a militant agenda lesbian who will look at every case and every issue through her agenda perspective. 

Will the US Senate have the courage to question and examine her fairly and thoroughly, or will they cave to the GLBT community and give her only a cursory exam.  Certainly Vermont’s high-profile liberal Cheshire cat – Patrick Leahy – Chairman of the Judiciary Committee will be delighted to see her confirmed.  Ranking Member Jeff Sessions will be under some pressure to examine her history of anti-military writings.  Back when she was Dean of the über-liberal Harvard Law School [a position of enormous power and influence on campus], she led the campaign to remove military recruiters from campus because of DA/DT. 

In an ideal world,  Ms. Kagan’s sexuality should not be an issue.  But her openly expressed opinions are.  Will she be able to grasp and appreciate the real concern for “good order and discipline” – and keep her sexuality and personal preferences private and out of her decisions?  OR is this nomination the prelude for troops prancing in the open,  and for gays once again being tossed off the fantails of ships at night.

Certainly Obama is packing the Court with friends for the day that his lack of Natural Born Citizenship can no longer evade judicial scrutiny.  And, . . .for the day that the appeal of his conviction for treason reaches the Supremes.  Feisty days ahead.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

4 Responses to “Obama’s Payback – a Lesbian Supreme?”

  1. Rabid Republican

    Is this a Diana Ross comment?

  2. Jim


    You going soft on us? “In an ideal world, Ms. Kagan’s sexuality should not be an issue.” That’s your ideal world?

  3. ironmike

    Ah Jim, see, you’ve misunderstood me. I’m very much a mind-my-own-business kind of guy. What I do in my home is my business [and my wife’s]. What others do in theirs – is theirs! So long as children aren’t involved and animals aren’t harmed – I don’t care. BUT, when GLBTs take to the streets, or to Beacon Hill and Capitol Hill – demanding special laws, and mostly demanding that we be forced to look at them – and call their worst displays “OK”, – I draw a line. I don’t want them preaching or recruiting in my schools. I don’t want trans-gendered men using the ladies room and scaring kids, – and I don’t want my already strained military put under a totally new social pressure in the middle of three wars.

    Parents today let their sons and daughters join the military believing it is at least a wholesome environment – albeit sometimes a dangerous one. They shouldn’t have to worry about their 17 and 18 year old kids having to deal with predatory gays, lesbians, bisexuals, or transgender soldiers in the barracks, or leaders in the field. Soldiers should have ONE agenda while on duty– soldiering.

    In my 37 years I served w/ soldiers – good troops – who we ~ sort of thought ~ were gay. But they behaved, and we never mentioned it. End of story. Well, not always. There were occasional incidents. They were very disruptive. It would take weeks, sometimes months after the culprit was gone for things to get back to a normal fighting trim. We can’t afford that crap with units rotating in and out of theater.

    So while Ms. Kagan is not someone I would ever consider having sex with – even back on my drunkest day, – it’s not her orientation which turns me off. It is that she has insisted on forcing her views, and her sexuality into the public forum, and she is likely now to be making law from the bench – laws which will weaken my military and hurt my country.

  4. oliver

    Yeah I’m with you, Mike. If someone wants to do that stuff in the privacy of their home, I don’t wish to stop them. But when organizations like the LGBT use their influence to corrupt our children, that’s when it needs to be stopped. Kagan isn’t the first LGBT associate Obama has appointed. Our pal, Kevin Jennings, is Obama’s “safe-school advisor.” Hey, I like my school to be safe, but if you do fifteen minutes of research on this sicko, your skin will crawl. I can tell you he handed out “fisting kits” to high schoolers at an LGBT convention. As I said, what you do is your business, but the LGBT is a disgusting and perverted organization. Why should certain people get special treatment? “Gays get discriminated against all the time.” I’m willing to bet that white Christians are discriminated against more than anyone these days. So why isn’t there an organization called the “white alliance?” Because that’s deemed to be “racist.” My point is that no group should get special treatment and Kagan will make sure that homosexuals get preference over everyone else.