Obama’s Not Feelin’ The Love

Posted December 18th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Poor Obama! Wherever he flys these days,  he just isn’t feeling the love.  Let’s see – he’s been to France, Moscow [they wouldn’t shake his hand], Africa, China, Japan, Oslo, Copenhagen [twice], West Point, Fort Hood, Boston, NAS Jacksonville, Old Dominion U, UN HQ in NYC, Martha’s Vineyard, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Buchenwald, Cairo, Riyadh, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Arizona State U, Turkey, Czech Republic, Strasbourg, Ottawa, Trinidad . . . and I’ve probably omitted a few.

And with each trip the receptions become more frigid,  the crowds thinner and less enthusiastic, and the tangible benefits to the USA increasingly elusive. Today in Copenhagen he was viewed as angry and bitter, – and desperate. Obama is now at the point of affronting friends and making enemies, as he vainly [pardon the pun] searches for love, respect, and anything he can hold up as an “accomplishment”. Then he flys home to Michelle. [shudder] We see him now as a man poorly suited and untrained to be a president – even to be a socialist president.

His bumper stickers are being peeled, and the late-nite comedians – even Moonbat Letterman – have declared open season.  What’s gone wrong?  Everything!  He clearly likes going around on Air Force One.  The handpicked military crew aboard offers him the kind of deferential honors that US and foreign politicians are withholding.

But around the world he has nothing to offer friends or foes.  By apologizing he’s made himself look weak.  By delaying a decision to send troops to McChrystal he’s looked indecisive or even cowardly. By spending wildly and talking trash he’s made himself look like an incompetent fool. No foreign leader wants to be seen doing deals with a fool.  By threatening members of Congress – he is making enemies.

The foreign press has not been co-opted by 40 years of liberal infiltration. They may have agendas, – but they see nothing to be gained by kowtowing to Obama.  In many countries he visits, – they’ve had their fill of socialism and cult-of-personality rulers. They remember their history, – the history that Obama never learned.  Moreover, while they may not have liked George W. Bush,  he certainly was more presidential, while still being down-to-earth in a way Obama cannot fathom. George always knew he’d be returning to private life. Obama intends to rule the world, – and many foreigners – both in government and in the street – clearly sense and reject it.

There is a handful of folks with an almost impossible job right now – the White House crew assigned to write HIS State-of-the-Union address.  What the hell can they crow about?  What has Obama done, except cause massive delays in Swine Flu vaccine, print scads of increasingly worthless money, sell increasingly worthless bonds, take over banks, insurance companies, car companies, threaten business leaders, and look ineffective and vain in a dozen foreign lands. 

His reckless spending, socialist talk, and 36+ Czars has scared off investment money and driven unemployment over 10.2% – 19% in Michigan – in the dead of winter.  At home he looks like a wuss or a complete fool for transferring the 9/11 five to NYC for trial,  and the rest of the terrorists to Illinois.  He caused Democrats to lose governors races in Virginia and NJ.  Now he’s poison.   And then there is his crowning glory . . . the totally hosed ObamaCare Bill.  What can they crow about?

Where IS the magic?

Where IS the magic?

It would take the special effects team of Avatar to make 2009 anything worth talking about.  It will be a groan-a-minute.  This time I don’t think we’ll see Pelosi playing Jack-in-the-box.  Where is that Old Obama Magic?  Maybe, ~ just maybe ~ there never was any.  Maybe everybody got fooled?

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

One Response to “Obama’s Not Feelin’ The Love”

  1. B Howell

    Very well written Mike. You seem to have grasped the situation perfectly. He is embarrassing this nation, it’s citizen’s and me. Especially me! He is egotistic, narcistic and a few other things that I can’t express here.

    I am so glad I wasn’t fooled. I am beginning to hear from others that did vote for him, that maybe, just maybe, they might have made a mistake.