Obama’s Name On EVERY Ballot

Posted October 9th, 2010 by Iron Mike

I was watching a Democratic “Strategist” on Fox trying to spin the November 2nd elections.  Penny Lee said “…These elections are all about local issues”.  

Fat chance Penny!  Every vote for every office is about Barack Obama, and what people think of him as a person, as a president, and about his plans for our country.

Even without the mobilizing catalyst of the Tea Parties,  voter anger is visible.  The Obama bumper stickers are 99% gone.  Where I live you can still see the Tsongas / Patrick / Eldridge / Benson yard signs in front of the usual MoonBat caves.  These people are mostly academics – working for universities or schools systems.  They’ve been lifelong socialists. For the moment they’re unaffected by the 10% unemployment ravaging the land.  

Funny how so very few of these homes fly American flags.  [That “patriotism thing” is SO overrated. Better to fly a UN flag?] 

But across the land – outside of Taxachusetts – people have awakened to an ugly reality.  Obama really DID mean to fundamentally transform America!  A flat economy, massive government spending, massive government borrowing, and 10% unemployment are mere preludes to his master plan.  

Arguments rage about whether or not Obama is a socialist.  Recent writers feel he is more basically an anti-colonialist – the “Dreams from his Father” thing.  I think it’s both, that he is at his core a Black African [Kenyan] anti-colonialist who hates much of what America represents, and much of what we stand for.  He feels a constant sense of victimhood, and now that he is in power, feels a need to wreck vengeance and retribution upon us.

I think George Soros located and identified Obama’s potential long ago.  

For both, Socialism became the easiest tool.  The socialist doctrines of disassembly and fairness were well established in many quarters.  The school systems were already totally infiltrated, and pumping out millions of politically brain dead new voters each year.  Our labor unions were well organized, totally corrupt, and instantly obedient.  You could even issue them uniforms [t-shirts] and they’d wear them unquestioningly.  


In 2006,  the election of Deval Patrick – a polite, well-dressed, Harvard grad  Black man [non-Sharpton/Jackson] with a simple slogan “Together we can” was a successful test run for the 2008 run of Obama.  

David Axelrod oversaw both.  Now he’s suddenly out of the White House to start working on 2012.  

This year there is anger at 10% unemployment, empty factories, empty storefronts, and empty promises.  New jobs seem a long way off.  Blaming everything on George W. Bush is losing validity – even among lifelong Democrats.  

Only the real socialists seem happy, smug in their inner understanding of the Obama-Soros game plan.  Somehow they feel both vindicated and safe.

But the rest of the population, including many lifelong working Democrats seems pretty pissed.  Even the Crown Prince of Gay America – Barney Frank is running worried.  Maybe it’s because his long-time partner in ripping off America – Connecticut Senator Chris “Countrywide” Dodd is retiring?  When Barney acts civil, even humble, – you know he’s scared. 

So the Dems can spin all they want to.  Their leader – Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. – of Hawaii? – or of Kenya – is on every ballot this year.  Voters will chose if we are to save our Proud Young Republic, – or surrender ourselves into the chains of new-world socialism.  

One way or another, Wednesday morning November 3rd will be the beginning of a whole new era in this country.  

Pray!  Pray – while it’s still legal!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

One Response to “Obama’s Name On EVERY Ballot”

  1. TCB

    Iron Mike,
    I happened upon this blog by chance, while tracking down Penny Lee, trying to find information on her political views.

    In reading this short article you wrote I was struck by how you framed things both in langauge and concept. As a philosopher at heart what especially interests me is reality, therefore truth, and so as I wade through large pools of political “facts” I tend to allow time for myself to “drip dry” of pseudo theories leaving real substance. In other words I tend to shy away from conspiracy theories although I do see some degree of cooperation among diverse groups within the world of politic. In reality I find two fundamental groups in contest, one that sees reality as it is, the other that sees it as it isn’t. Furthermore these groups are not distinct entities but essentially multiple and ambiguous because each individual that makes up a group holds to truth in varying degrees.

    Nevertheless you did made a comment I found very interesting:

    “These people are mostly academics – working for universities or schools systems. They’ve been lifelong socialists. For the moment they’re unaffected by the 10% unemployment ravaging the land.”

    I suspect you are very close to the truth and suggest further that Americans in general are insulated from the effects of the terrible economy we are under by their above average affluence. Due to this we as a country may be in for even greater suffering in the near future and could ultimately become a second rate nation, or worse, going as Rome has gone… that is extinct!

    Hopefully we are both wrong and this massive American political machine can be turned around. Surely it will not happen until the general populace comes to recognize what the founders of this country gave them. A Republic that requires first, a “moral and religious people,” who are properly eductated and remain actively involved in the political life of this country. This implies a vastly smaller government that intrudes to a much lesser degree in the personal everyday activities of “We The People,” the very persons they were elected to represent. It also implies an economy driven by free market principle grounded in unchanging ethical norms. All of us must acknowledge, both elected officials and the electing people, that there are certain “unalienable rights” that “We The People” hold. These fundamental rights being “endowed by the Creator” and not given by government and as such cannot be taken away by government. On the contrary this government “by the people, for the people and of the people” should only secure these liberties that are ordered and enumerated in a particular way for a reason, and are namely our “right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.” Without freedom who cares about happiness and without life who could possess either?

    So how will a country that follows such general principles look? To be sure it will not allow the life of innocent and helpless children residing in their mothers womb to be taken indiscriminately. Nor would it experiment with the most basic unit of society, the family, by attempting to redefine marriage. And instead of the current fad of social experiments going on in the military it would stop sending women off to fight like men and be tortured by an enemy who cares nothing for our misplaced sense of equality in the first place. This country would write laws to protect women and children rather than using them for war or “choice.” It would legislate against the privacy robbing effects of pornography and enforce those laws. It would use medicine to heal rather than killing the weak for the sake of the strong as is done with embryonic stemcell experimentation. It would show true compassion to the terminally ill by “suffering with” them and developing newer ways to help them medically rather than being complicit in their death with laws favoring euthanasia. I suspect this more intelligently regulated country would travel a lot freer because the cost of petroleum would be below a dollar, almost everyone would have cooler homes run on efficient nuclear energy made safe by multiple high technology competitors, and would have greener lawns since there’s no need to ration water when the costs are brought down by a humming free market. I could go on and on but suffice to say this free country would not look the one we live in today.