Obama’s Going To Lie Again Tonight!

Posted January 27th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Great Political Theater Wednesday Night!

Feb 2009

Your pResident has had an awful week Americans. His plan to shove us into the brave new world of Socialism has been derailed by the election of a single senator from Massachusetts. His boss and mentor – George Soros – must be throwing fits. After all, he’s invested so much money in this Manchurian candidate.  So tonight the Puppet is going to put on his bravest face,   and walk into the well of the House, and lie to you. We can’t stop his lies, but we can be prepared for them,  and enjoy the theater.

Suddenly ObamaCare and Cap&Tax are dead in the water.  So is another “Stimulus” bill.  Democrats are dropping from his coat tails like flies, deciding not to seek re-election or actually standing up to him on issues like bringing KSM to trial in NYC.   And just Tuesday evening a Zogby poll revealed that if held today Scott Brown could beat Obama!  Now that has got to hurt a lifelong narcissist.

So he’ll try to sell you some smoke and mirrors. He’ll call for a “spending freeze” as the first step in stabilizing the economy, and restarting the jobs market.  And he’ll attack those “fat cats” on Wall Street and at the big banks. He wants to tax the profits that last year he wanted them to start making [they dared to pay bonuses].

You’re expected to swallow the bait – that a $30 Billion “freeze” is a good thing.  You’re not supposed to see the CBO report today which said unemployment would remain above 10% for all of 2020 and well into 2011. You’re supposed to be unaware of the $14 Trillion debt we owe, and the money we’re printing to try covering the interest.  And you’re supposed to forget about drilling for our own oil.

So play a little Buzz-Word Bingo  You can score extra points for things the actors do:

The Botox Bounce  [Pelosi bouncing up to cheer – her first 10 don’t count.]

The Dufus Point  [The Village Idiot flashing his ivorys and pointing at old drinking buddies “Hey, can you believe it,  I’m the VP!“]

Giving O The Clap  [When the Dems stand and fake applause while the Republicans remain seated.]

And if you have kids – oh say 12 years old and older, – they should watch with you.  Explain that despite the pomp and ceremony,  this may be one of the lowest points in the history of our government.  But that Mr. Obama has been caught in many of his lies, Americans are waking up, and things should start getting better.

Because come this November, we’re going to sweep a whole lot of those liars and traitors out of there!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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