Obama’s Double Debacle

Posted December 9th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Thousands of Libyan SA-24s and SA-7s, and our RQ-170 Stealth drone in Islamic hands. It doesn’t get much worse for civilization.

There are only two possible explanations: INEPTITUDE or CALCULATION.


If you believe Obama and his cartel is basically inept,  you have to believe they entered the Libyan revolution after months of ‘thinking about it’ – with NO CLUE about what to do if the rebels began to win and Kaddafi’s huge stocks of Soviet and Chinese weapons were suddenly unguarded and available for the taking.

OR, you can believe that he either didn’t care if they fell into hostile hands, – or that he actually WANTED them to.

But those 20,000 missing Russian-made shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles, older SA-7s and newer SA-24s are a HUGE THREAT to commercial air traffic, and to the air forces of Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the USA.

The SA-24s have a slant range of 11,000 feet – over 2 miles, – and a hit probability in the high 90s. I would expect to see airliners shot down starting very soon.


Again, if you believe Obama is inept [ or covered by a clause of Murphy’s Law] – then you buy the story that ~ somehow ~ the drone lost contact with its controllers, and reverted to onboard software to find a nice open roadway to land itself on. Huh-uh! Right!

OR,…you can remember who was in charge of the CIA for 2½ years.

Second Lieutenant Leon [Save the Monterey Bay Seals] Panetta – a man far more concerned with environmental issues than defending our country – ran the CIA for 2½ years – before becoming SecDef.

There is NO PART of Panetta’s intellect or character programmed to understand the cunning and the capabilities of our worst enemies, the Chinese, the Russians, the Pakistanis, the Sunni Islamists, or the Iranian Twelvers.

He is at best a well-meaning simpleton. As such, he suits Obama just fine.


You don’t have to be a military genius to figure out what happened to our wayward drone.  Just read the news [not the MSM please!].

We’ve known for years that the Chinese and other were hacking into our drone-controlling software. Even the ‘primitive Taliban’ were downloading real-time feeds directly from Predators operating directly over their heads.

And the US reaction was often to keep quiet about it, and keep operating as normal, instead of reporting it and finding better ways to encrypt our commands.

While I don’t KNOW this for a fact, there is a HIGH PROBABILITY that much of our drone-controlling computer hardware was made with ‘off the shelf’ Chinese-manufactured computer chips.

I am relatively certain that nobody thought to check those chips for cleverly embedded spy software.

Our weakest link has always been our arrogance about our so-called technical superiority. Anybody in America who runs a web site [like RRB here] knows how many hits we get daily from probing and curious Chinese IPs. The Chinese easily have a half-million cyber sleuths working around the clock looking for anything they can find.

So one way or the other they hacked the software commands on the RQ-170 – probably using the same techniques they used to get into the Predators. Then they waited for opportunity, – and probably not for too long.

With the RQ-170 firmly in Iranian hands, you can be CERTAIN that both the Chinese and the Russians will have full access to it.

You can be CERTAIN that the Iranians will build their own stealth drones and aircraft based on that design.

Now they don’t have to worry about their missile program – they’ll have a fleet of stealth drones and manned bombers ready to deliver nuclear warheads to Riyadh, Dubai, Bahrain, Baghdad, and Tel Aviv.

I’m betting they’ll be ready in a year – maybe less. Just in time for the US elections.

What’s truly telling about American arrogance – is that the CIA flew this expensive and ultra-secret beast with no back-up plan – no rescue plan, and no destruct-in-place plan. All of our ’eggs’ were in one basket – with few safeguards and no back-up!


Obama has BLOWN the ‘Arab Spring’, – fundamental Islamists are taking over the Muslim World.

Obama has let 20,000 ManPads get into the unholiest of Islamic hands, placing literally 20,000 airliners at risk.

Obama let our most expensive and closely guarded secrets glide to a safe landing inside Iran.

Obama let THOUSANDS of AK-47s walk into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

Obama meanwhile, spends his time flying around the country ranting about the ‘richest 1% doing their fair share’.

So, do you believe that Obama is INEPT,  – DETACHED, – OPERATING in a MAKE-BELIEVE WORLD, – or doing all this BY DESIGN?

Because of the decisions voters made in the Election of 2008, is our world and our nation safer – or are we living in greater peril?

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

One Response to “Obama’s Double Debacle”

  1. Perplexed Senior

    To answer your question, I believe that Obama is all of the above, but most of all this is being done BY DESIGN. If the electorate has not figured this out yet they have not been paying attention, they are totally apothetic, stupid or they are in lock step with Obama. Why is the military not up in arms over this? Why is the main stream media not informing the public? It will take another Lockerbie tragedy to wake them up.

    Whoever gave the order not to destroy the RQ-170 should be fired, but we will never know who that was.