Obama’s China Trip – The First Dagger?

Posted November 21st, 2009 by Iron Mike

On the odd chance that a political junkie like yourself [defined by you reading this blog] didn’t notice, Obama just completed a big trip to the Orient – including a couple of days in Red China. There are several reasons why you may not have noticed Obama’s departure – or his very low-key return.

First, back home there were several well-crafted announcements calculated to distract you.  Horseholder and fellow socialist Erik Holder announced the five key 9/11 terrorists would be tried in NYC.  That got a lot of press. Then HHS declares that “to reduce women’s’ stress, they should only start mammograms at age 50.  Shit hit the fan!

Strangely, Queen Michelle didn’t make this trip. Perhaps because the WH already knew she doesn’t hold “superstar” status in China.  But long-time Obama “friend” Valerie Jarrett did go.  Sometimes it’s good just to get away with close friends.  So there was the clumsily and overly done bow to the Japanese emperor [and to his wife – a no-no], the arranged town-hall campaign stop in Shanghai,  the 71 car entourage,  the 5-minute visit with Brother Mark,  the trip to see the Forbidden City and the Great Wall,  and an acknowledged photo-op with US troops in Korea. Then Obama slunk back into town without fanfare or an announcement, – and no Panda bears.

BHO Jr at Great Wall

BHO Jr at Great Wall

Perhaps standing for his photo-op on the Great Wall, Obama came to consider the ramifications of uncontrolled illegal immigration?  Or was he just seeing government jobs?  Maybe it was hard getting that town hall audience excited since Beijing and not MoveON organized it?  Maybe it was hard getting respect from Tim Geithner’s ATM Machine [China holds $800 BILLION / 24% of our national debt],  particularly when Obama is already planning the next “Stimulus Binge”? And it was tough talking about a stand against terrorism to the Chinese.  They’d just tried and executed a bunch of Uyghurs within months of the riots, while we are futzing around figuring out what to do with the ones we captured seven years ago in al Qaeda training camps.  Think about it, what did Obama have to offer the Chinese – except more shaky US bonds?   Maybe iPods loaded with his speeches?  Between bowing to everybody, apologizing to everybody, and a fresh terrorist attack from within his own army,  Obama looks inept.

Loser Returns

Loser Returns

What the Chinese offered Obama on the other hand was financial advice:  STOP SPENDING!! 

Imagine the total disconnect at the dinners and talks.  The Chinese have survived a revolution and it’s aftermath – which claimed upwards of 100 million lives. They are in the process of converting themselves from a Communist society based on forced collective farms into a 21st Century manufacturing and technology superpower. They are building like gangbusters!

We have an ever-widening rust belt running through the heart of our once-powerful country, – and Obama’s only vision is to borrow more to spend more – to further drive us into bankruptcy – so that he can fulfill his 19th Century world socialist vision.  The Chinese have an $800 Billion investment – in his failure!  Power and clout have shifted, and he returns a visibly weakened puppet president.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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