Obama’s Brilliant Legal Maneuver

Posted November 13th, 2009 by Iron Mike

As Obama is flying to the Orient on yet another world apology trip, his soul-mate Attorney General Eric Holder announces “The Plan”.  The Obama Cartel will fly the five key 9/11 al Qaeda planners to NYC for show trials in Federal Court.

The proper and totally legal way to dispose of this garbage is a Military Commission – in Guantanamo – followed by firing squads.  Both international law and US law is absolutely clear on the subject.  Non-uniformed illegal combatants who attack civilians are WAR CRIMINALS,  and as such are NOT entitled to the full protections afforded US Citizens under the Constitution. They do get a defense attorney, – they do get to question witnesses and to present evidence of their innocence.

Why would BHO Jr [Harvard Law School– never tried a case] and Eric Holder [Columbia Law School-never tried a case] decide to hold the ultimate show trials in the heart of downtown Manhattan – just blocks from Ground Zero?  Remember, military commissions are the low-cost / no-risk and totally legal solution.  They have to know these trials will go on for years!  It’s sure to be a circus that will make the OJ trial look like a mere episode of “Night Court”.

Gee,  could it be ~ just maybe ~ that this will allow the Obama-appointed defense team to keep dragging the Bush Administration up as a straw man?  And if so, doesn’t this make it easy for Obama to keep campaigning against Bush for the next three years?  These trials will draw crowds of anti-war / anti-Bush protesters for the next three to five years,  and give these five terrorists a world stage to act out their “martyrdom”.  And around the world, vulnerable Americans will be kidnapped by wannabes and held in exchange for the release of these five.  I can easily envision an entire cruise ship being taken. Anybody remember the Achille Lauro?

And the cost?  Before it’s over I bet the total including NYPD overtime and defense lawyers will cost us $2 Billion.  Add in another half-billion for flying in hundreds of witnesses and “experts”,  lodging and meals in Manhattan,  security, car rentals, witness protection for whole Afghan families.  Whole careers will be launched, book deals, movie scripts . . . talk shows . . .

Brilliant!  In one simple callous maneuver Obama gets to campaign [the only thing he seems any good at] against Bush well into his second term.  My question – was this an easier decision than troops for General McChrystal?  How many Americans will be murdered because of this cheap political theatrical charade?  Hey Liberals, – you still liking this “hope and change”?  Still think your pResident is fighting Islamic terror, or is he quietly aiding and abetting it?     Meanwhile, the US$ continues to shrink. 

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

2 Responses to “Obama’s Brilliant Legal Maneuver”

  1. B Howell

    I’ll bet it will take 3 years for this trial, farce or whatever you want to call it.

  2. Terri

    Congrats on your 20K hits, guys! Hopefully you are helping to change the face of politics starting in 2010. Take care and keep rollin them out!