Obama’s Afghan Agony

Posted September 25th, 2009 by Iron Mike

To understand where I’m going with today’s entry Americans,  you’ll have to decide if you believe that Obama is merely a hard-left Socialist intent on replacing Capitalism in America with his vision of new-era socialism, – – or is he something far more sinister, – someone bent on a world remade into Islamic Socialism. We won’t know the answer for years, – but you should study current events through both lenses.

Forget ObamaCare for a few minutes.  This weekend The ONE wrestles with the first real make-or-break decision of his presidency:  what to do in Afghanistan?   He’s highly qualified to make this decision,  having studied world politics and military science for years,  and spent a whole day at Afghanistan airfields last year.  He even shot a few hoops with the troops.  Now as pResident he’s lucky to have the sage advice of his trusty VP,  that renown military expert – Lovable Joe Biden.  What could go wrong?

The MEssiah campaigned most vigorously against the Bush administration [he still does most days], specifically stating that the war in Iraq was a mistake because Afghanistan was the key to victory over Usama bin Laden and al Qaeda.  Since becoming pResident he’s been briefed on those other pesky players, the Taliban and the Tribal Drug Lords.  So he sent a new General to win the war. General Stan McChrystal was an outstanding choice, and if anybody can do it, – he can,  if actually allowed to.  His methods are tough, ruthless, but effective.  Just ask Saddam Hussein.  Oops, you can’t.

AfghTopo Afgh Politocal Stan needs about 40,000 good troops – since Afghanistan is big, rugged, tribal, and landlocked, and our NATO allies are losing interest. Without them he says we will lose, – just like the British in the 19th Century and the Russians in the 1980s. Now The ONE must decide to either fight to win, – or tuck tail and run. The fate of the Obama pResidency rests on this one decision.

Give Stan enough troops to win, and the war will likely last another six years minimum, meaning it will still be around come 2012, and the casualty figures with it.  The Taliban began sensing American weakness last fall, and increased their operational tempo.  25% of our casualties have occurred since Obama took office.  Five more died today.  It has been a great summer for the poppy crops,  and the Taliban are awash in drug money.  Funny, because when they came to power in the early 90s, – they used to execute poppy farmers and drug merchants.


If Obama keeps us in this fight,  his left-wing moonbat base will explode!  He’ll suddenly be a man alone in the White House, with only [shudder] his lovely wife to talk to.  It’s not simply a matter of giving Stan the troops, because he’ll have to keep the American People, the Pakistani People, and the Pakistani leadership in the fight too.  I’m not sure he has credibility enough left to do that.  Most folks already know that if his lips are moving he’s lying to them.  There’s no Letterman show for him to go on in Pakistan.

But if he orders retreat, – his pResidency is cooked!  He’ll be the lamest duck that ever quacked.  With that one move he will have totally undercut any claim he has to have been better, smarter, or more visionary than the Bush-Cheney team.  He will have exploded the image of the USA as a superpower to be feared and respected.

map_overview_worldRemember the Soviets retreated, withdrawing their last unit in Feb ’89.  Promptly nine months later the Berlin Wall crumbled, then in 1991 so did the entire Soviet Union.   Do you remember what our retreat from Vietnam did to our national psyche in the decades which followed?   Obama may not be bright enough to envision the parallels,  – but you can help him.   If we retreat from that motley collection of illiterate peasant tribesman – the Taliban – no nation on earth will feel safe partnered in a defense alliance with us.  Then that stock of Pakistani nukes will be delivered into al Qaeda hands, and there will be Hell loosed on Earth, – and all of it on Obama’s watch.

Biden-smirkingWhich is it?  Does Obama want to fight the good war and win one for the good guys, – – or does he secretly want to “side with the Muslims” as he wrote in his book,  – and set the Four Horsemen loose upon western civilization?  Isn’t it comforting to know that Lovable Joe is right there to help HIM through this decision process?

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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