Obama’s “All About ME!” Iraq Speech

Posted September 1st, 2010 by Iron Mike

Last night’s self-serving speech by our undocumented pResident marked a real low point in his pResidency.  I was watching for a glimmer of grace, a shred of leadership, a fleeting moment of greatness.  There was none of that.  Speaking from his newly and darkly redecorated office, once again it was “All about Me!

Obama was unable to give credit to G. W. Bush for the courage and wisdom to pursue the surge which did route out most of al Qaeda and tamped down the Sunni-Shia violence long enough for Iraqis to start rebuilding their country.

As his speech wandered from Iraq to Afghanistan he claimed that “with those added forces now available” we would be able to pursue al Qaeda and Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan.

But of course he failed to mention that he had dithered five long months on McChrystal’s troop request, then given him exactly half of what the general needed.  He ignored completely the other threats to peace in South Asia – including the fragile and corrupt Pakistani government, and the now-nuclear Twelvers in Iran.

He failed to mention the horrible intelligence and security disaster that just befell us in the leak of ultra-sensitive defense and state department documents to the anti-American blog site WikiLeaks  By now I wonder if he either understands the magnitude of the loss – or if he even cares.

To that point – as Obama was going through the motions last night – reading from the off-camera teleprompters and conspicuously tilted to his right – he was a study of a man whose heart is most definitely not in the task at hand.  He doesn’t care about this struggle, except to be quietly cheering on our enemies.  He just doesn’t want to suffer a major battlefield defeat before the 2012 elections.  We went through exactly this ballet with Lyndon Johnson in 1966 – 68.

Obama spoke of using all our tools of national strength to defeat terrorism, including our financial strength.  The irony, sarcasm and duplicity of his words could not have been layered any thicker.  In his relentless march to socialism he has given us a flat economy and 10+% unemployment.  

It is precisely Obama and his team of socialist goons who have just spent nineteen months deliberately disemboweling our free-market economy, and frankly – scaring the piss out of both US and foreign capital investors.  He was straight-faced lying to our faces, and thinking that he is so smooth that we wouldn’t notice.

Earlier in the day he stopped into Fort Bliss, Texas for a photo-op with troops.  I watched that and saw the distain in the eyes of these proud young patriots.  They know when they’re being used.  Contrast the “Sir, please get your hand off me” look with troops who are actually glad to see a president. 

EVERYBODY NOTE:  Obama made a special trip to Fort Bliss [outside El Paso] for this photo-op, but for the second time in a month had NO TIME to meet with Texas Governor Rick Perry on the subject of illegal immigration and drug smuggling across Texas’s 1969-mile gunfire riddled border with Mexico.

In the simplest words I can use:  Obama doesn’t give a S-H-I-T about illegal immigration or drug traffic.  As a lifelong internationalist socialist – he just doesn’t believe in borders – or nations.  

Obama is FAILING to execute his Oath of Office!

    /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier,  – Still Good for Parts!

3 Responses to “Obama’s “All About ME!” Iraq Speech”

  1. Emily

    (Look at this, saw it just now on the web! Emily)

    The 8:46 Campaign & Obama

    The USA is presently under attack! Not by a plane flying into a building, but by a tyrant lying inside a building – the White House!
    According to many sources, it was 8:46 in the morning on September 11, 2001 when 9-11 began in New York City.
    The answer to the present national crisis will not be found in either an “Eric Rudolph” or in a “John Hinckley Jr.”
    It will be found when true American patriots collectively ask God to remove – or at least greatly slow down – the same national pestilence!
    Each morning at 8:46 all genuine Americans, in their respective time zones, should fervently pray “God, Stop Obama!”
    The more this collective prayer is sent to the “God” mentioned in all 50 state constitutions, the sooner this national cancer will be removed!
    True, the Bible does say that some crimes are so unspeakable that Christians should pray that the offender will be “taken away” and delivered to “Satan for the destruction of the flesh.”
    Details of this are in I Corinthians (chap. 5), but patriots would be happy if Barack Hussein Obama, protector of the Ground Zero mosque, could merely be toppled from his throne!
    For further light Google “Imam Bloomberg’s Sharia Mosque,” “Obama Supports Public Depravity,” “Madam Nancy Pelosi’s Brothel District” and the pdf version of Prof. F. Nigel Lee’s “Islam in the Bible.”
    And for dessert Google “Michelle Obama’s Allah-day.”

    By a Kansas Patriot
    (who won FIRST PLACE over 2200 entrants in a nationwide Americanism Essay Contest!)

  2. Tom Gilroy

    Obummers visit to Fort Bliss, that just happens to have a 2 star that is “African American” is an unlikely place to visit since it is just next to Juarez, the murder capital of Mexico. Why didn’t he visit Fort Hood where probably more warriors cicyled to Iraq than any other base? He could have stopped by to see Major Hassan, who is still awaiting trial. It is all about photo ops for the egotistical socialist.

  3. Karen G

    Obama is transparently fake. I think his handlers must troll the internet searching for anything that might make him look bad and quickly stage something like the Ft. Bliss photo op in response. Pictures of the Bushes warmly and genuinely (and without fanfare) greeting troops were widely circulated a few weeks ago on the internet/via email. The next thing you know, there’s Obama doing the same thing (but with drastically less sincerity or enthusiasm)! He is just SO predictable.