Oath-Breakers After Your Guns

Posted August 12th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Upon winning elections, they swore an OATH to “…Uphold, Protect, and Defend the Constitution of the United States – against all enemies, foreign and domestic…”
Springfield Hearing

For them, that oath was a sham, mere ‘drill and ceremony’, – nothing which involves their sacred honor. They have no honor, – they’re coming for your guns. They’ve done their polling, and they’re sure the votes are with the gun-hating liberals. They’re pretty smug about it too.

EVERY state senator, – EVERY state rep, EVERY judge, – and EVERY Constitutional officer takes that oath, as does every law enforcement officer – and every member of our military.

There was a time in America when that OATH was something to die for.

No longer. Today many in government haven’t even read our Constitution, – don’t believe in it, – and are actively attempting to subvert it or worm their way around it.

At WorcesterThis summer the Mass Legislature [officially the Great and General Court of the Commonwealth] – is looking at some sixty (60±) proposed bills including major gun restriction proposals by Deval Patrick and David Linsky [über-MoonBat – Natick]. They’ve been holding hearings around the state. I attended two of them.

Many who came to testify who are sincere in their beliefs that ‘guns kill people’. They recite facts, statistics, names of dead relatives, and religious scripture. They honestly believe what they testify to. In parts and places they are correct.

But in the main, they’re terribly wrong and misguided. Lacking both a knowledge and an understanding of History,  they are the innocent but willing tools of sinister spinmeisters intent on subverting our Constitution and both your personal safety and your country.

REMEMBER: Every good lie is built around a grain of truth.

You’re more likely to be shot by a gun in your home than to use it in self-defense.”

You don’t need a military-style assault rifle to kill a deer!”

…twenty innocent kids at Sandy Hook!”

The Gun-Phobic: If they weren’t so dangerous to our basic freedoms, – I’d feel sorry for these folks. Just the spoken word ‘GUN’ sends visible shivers of fear through them. That fear – no matter how unreasoned – is real. They HATE ALL GUNS, and all gun owners! Their interpretation of our 2nd Amendment is that ONLY the police and the military should have guns. They don’t understand – or care – that that would make us all subjects of the King again.

The Surviving Relatives: It’s hard not to sympathize with the families of murdered children. Most who testified are Black or Hispanic, – most from decaying inner cities ruled by the Democratic Party for generations. They live surrounded by squalor, school dropouts, gangs, drugs, street crime, prostitution, and violence. They blame guns.

The Mental Health Industry Lobby: If there is any logic to discussing restrictions on gun ownership, – it comes from recognizing that most of the recent spree killers have been known mental patients – some who refused treatment, – others who couldn’t get it.Seven Spree Killers

So the Psycho Industry wants more funding to care for them, – BUT – they don’t want them in a national database. [Not right to stigmatize them?] Those who agree to list the head cases – don’t seem to have thought how a person so listed might be able to appeal his case to an impartial court – to get off the list. Their main concern – as I listened – is to get more state funding.

Linksy in springfieldThe Statistical Liars: These slick-talking socialist bastards – and I include Linsky as one of their leaders – come with ‘facts’, ‘figures’, ‘charts’, and ‘statistics’ to prove why guns are bad.

Somehow the fact that 55% of gun deaths are suicides means that you and I must be restricted, – better yet denied gun ownership. Certainly we can’t be allowed to buy more than one a month, – and only for small-capacity guns – because we’ll never have to face more than seven (7) attackers…?

These people are un-American, – i.e. true socialists; – they don’t want an armed population standing up to overbearing government.

The Moms and GrandMas:  The most disgusting group – they’ve found a cause and they’re standing on the graves of the Sandy Hook children.  They come wearing t-shirts, with banners and handouts and stick-ons. They’ve lived their entire lives in the safety of good neighborhoods – never known a moment of fear – are oblivious to History – and want the government to confiscate all guns – “for the Children”. Petit Family
They’ve never heard of the Petit family of Cheshire, CT, – Kimberly and Jamie Cates of Mont Vernon, NH, or Dartmouth Professors Half and Suzanne Zantop in Etna, NH.

The Pious Preachers: “I don’t want to bury another child!” Probably the most sincere – if misguided – group. They come in the cloth – with vestments in African and gay colors – to talk of the misery of inner-city families beset by poverty and gang life. The irony is they want the government to act as an arm of their church – to somehow reach out and ‘take the guns off the streets’. But they don’t know how it can be done, – since drugs and prostitution are also illegal.

In some measure they are hypocrites, since they want to ‘save children’ – but will not stand against the wholesale abortion sponsored by the Democratic Party.

In fact – they won’t tell their flocks to break the generational cycle of poverty and ghetto life by voting Republican. NO, these are lifetime mindless MoonBats – willing overseers on the Democratic Voter Plantation.

The Corps of Battered Women Councilors: Almost all women – these are the most brazen half-truth liars to testify. And it’s almost all emotional anecdotal tales of horror. Mind you – at RRB we detest men who brutalize women. They’re scum of the earth.

BUT, once again, the behavior is to blame, – not the guns. These ‘councilors’ are equating guns with violent men.

What they don’t testify to is how easy it is for a devious divorce lawyer to have a woman get a restraining order against a boyfriend or husband – and have the police come to confiscate his guns. Often the man – already burdened by legal costs – can never afford the process required to get his guns – or his firearms license – back.

The NAACP:  Twice I watched groups of young inner-city black kids bussed in as props for the race-baiters and plantation overseers. Twice I’ve watched the chanting stage show… Frankly they look uncomfortable, – as if they know they’re mere props in an adult game – that may never benefit them personally.  NAACP Kids in Worcester
Both times I spotted kids who seemed very uncomfortable in these public input sessions, – I’m not sure if it was being on a college campus or being in a largely white audience. In Worcester their leader wanted ‘guns off the streets’ and a state grant to study the impact of gun violence on black kids… He said it with a straight face…. NAACP Kids in Springfield

The Gun Manufacturers:  Kahr testified in Worcester, Smith & Wesson testified in Springfield. Both spoke of being responsible manufacturers, responsible employers, and good corporate citizens. Their words seemed to fall on deaf ears.

Meghan KilcoyneNobody in the room showed more arrogance or conspicuous disdain for the concerns of gun owners than Harold Naughton’s staffer Meghan Kilcoyne.  Meghan, I warned you that I’d place you name here for being so uppity and rude. 

Remember Young Lady – you work for US!
 Worcester Hearing
Megan is a symptom of the problem. Both politicians and their sycophants have come to see themselves as a ruling elite.

“Damn that 2nd Amendment, – restricting guns feels good!”

There was another meeting today at Wilmington High.  I didn’t go; I’ve seen the drill.

You need to make it clear to your state reps and senators that you expect / demand they honor the oath they took to our Constitution, – and pass no law which restricts our rights.

5 Responses to “Oath-Breakers After Your Guns”

  1. Casey Chapman

    I have often thought that attending these meetings is a bit like throwing water balloons against a brick wall. The corrupt politicians have had their so called minds made up since before they were elected. I don’t know what to do anymore.

  2. Lonnie Brennan

    The whole ‘tour’ is a sham.
    They did the same thing with wood. Yes, firewood.

    You see, the state is full of forests, and the Department of CONSERVATION and RESOURCES (formerly, “The Good Guys”) would oversee the forests and run very small programs, marking trees to clear paths, or downed trees, or thinning congested areas, etc.

    BUT, DEVAL decided trees needed to be protected. No more home firewood. Buy oil instead. Let the wood rot.

    DEVAL made the decision, and then put forth a PHONEY “Listening Tour” where they got HAMMERED by homeowners. Did not matter. There were too few of them. DEVAL killed the very successful home fuelwood program.

    Now, he’s after the guns, BUT, this time he’s against MORE than just a few wood burning homeowners. He’s up against GOAL.

    DEVAL is dead wood, old toast. Time to ignore him. Time to get an opponent to Linskey and the rest of these liars and phoneys.

  3. Jim Buba

    The choir hears you. The left? Deaf, dumb and dumber.

  4. Varvara

    One gets tired of saying this – guns don’t kill people; people kill people. If someone really wants to kill you they will kill you with or without a gun.

    Until and I repeat until the people are more educated about mental health issues there will still be innocents who are sent to their deaths by sick people.